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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
Heng Yang small make up I take you know again the high-tech products, high frequency induction heating equipment. HTM series high frequency induction heating power supply for the new soft switch digital energy-saving products, the product for the whole digital IGBT inverter, and USES the DSP to control, under various conditions can always guarantee work at ZCS IGBT switch state, so as to solve the IGBT high frequency induction heating equipment is easy to damage; All the air cooling structure, reduce the loss of the system, and eliminate the faults of the equipment from the water system, perfect the limit protection makes the equipment under various conditions to maintain safe operation; Nonpolar electric capacity improved in high frequency induction heating equipment using life and safe operation of power, dc side chopping voltage regulator and filter circuit to improve the power factor of the system; So the product has the distinguishing feature of high reliability, high efficiency. HTM series high frequency induction heating power supply power in the range of 20 - 240千瓦; High frequency range for 10 KHZ - 100 HKZ, intermediate frequency is 500 hz frequency range 10KHz。 HTM series high frequency induction heating power supply main features: full air cooling structure, DSP processor, low loss at high frequency IGBT inverter scheme, dual channel control circuit, IGBT drive fast, resonance frequency automatic tracking accurately, uninterrupted operation; Stationary temperature closed loop operation, a variety of operating mode, water detection and water flow sensors low-income residents, continuous adjustable output power, perfect protection limit function, RS232 / RS485 communication function, high brightness, according to the dot matrix display unit provides Chinese parameters online setting, alarm and fault events recalling query function, complete user interface, beautiful and practical. Foshan constant Yang induction heating equipment manufacturers, professional production of various kinds of high frequency induction heating equipment, independent research and development, meet the demand of the user's comprehensive, welcome everyone to come to proofing, purchase. Round steel - induction heating equipment Automatic transmission - ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment Eliminate the technology difficulty induction heating equipment manufacturers - for customers Equipment operation is simple and super audio frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers - Service of high quality - high frequency induction heating equipment High oscillation frequency - medium frequency induction heating equipment Super audio frequency induction heating equipment - from Germany technology Induction heating equipment - intelligent automation system Heating super audio frequency induction heating equipment - preferred machine The heating effect is good - induction heating equipment Induction heating equipment - smart DSP system High-frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers - to improve production efficiency Manufacturing induction coil
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