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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
In the high frequency induction heating electrical and mechanical characteristics of magnetic coil 1, thick wall copper tube electromagnetic induction heating coil will provide more energy conversion & emsp;   Thick wall copper tube electromagnetic induction coil compared with other cross section of induction coil has more current-carrying cross section, so the coil resistance is low, more energy conversion can be used to heat. And because the ring of tube wall thickness distribution, so its strength than the tube wall is not evenly distributed, side wall thinner inductance coil structure of high strength. That is to say, this kind of structure of the inductance coil is not susceptible to damage caused by arc discharge and expansion.     2, the electromagnetic coil turn-to-turn open space to improve the electrical efficiency, reduces the moisture after repeated practice, we design the electromagnetic coil turn-to-turn leave gaps, this can improve the efficiency of inductor load flow, and can make coil material moisture in the more volatile. When there is no gap type electromagnetic induction coil in the furnace body, a common problem is that the inductance coil is often a side effect of adjacent inductance coil electromagnetic field, from the surface impedance increase.     3, the concept of inductance coil design & emsp;   Electromagnetic coil is the heart of the induction furnace, the electromagnetic coil in the current under the action of strong electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic field creates an eddy current heating of metal in the hearth. Inductance coil is the key to electrical energy into heat energy, so the design of the inductance coil design is very crucial. This furnace inductor is the particular case according to the real use of induction furnace, according to the principle of electromagnetic field, through the computer professional software to calculate and determine the best solution, using the latest inductance coil against and winding techniques ( Two parallel electromagnetic induction coil) , better agglomeration of electromagnetic field, and improve the electromagnetic stirring, electromagnetic coil design concept of power and the actual operating power error is not more than 5%, the insulation of the inductance coil, especially the insulation of the turn-to-turn insulation adopts advanced processing method to ensure, special clamping technology can effectively reduce the axial vibration inductor.     4, open hearth reduces the water cooling ring to extend the life span of the coil & emsp;   Well can not only provides better heat insulation and cooling coil Yin thermal physical properties, but also can improve the life of the coil. In order to achieve this, furnace design, at the top and bottom respectively added cooling ring, so that water can only play a uniform distribution, the purpose of coil temperature and reduce the thermal expansion. With low heat consumption, high strength copper cooling ring, greatly improving the efficiency of electric furnace,
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