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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
, with the rising of high frequency melting furnace in power, the fire safety coefficient is higher and higher, the service life of the furnace charge and noise regulations, rationalization of furnace wall structure are also increasingly attached great importance to by people, in which the steel furnace have to use the strong performance, high efficiency and high productivity, low noise, easy to maintenance and maintenance and architecture in many steel shell furnace, it has a dozen high toughness has several large inspection at the mouth of the annular steel shell, furnace operation, check the mouth is turned off, check each inspection mouth all can open. High frequency furnace steel shell in the furnace structure is firm, can prevent tilting furnace will be caused by the deformation at the time of the iron casting, increase the service life of furnace charge, and because of strong steel shell and enclosed inside can improve sound insulation protection of raw materials, prompting work greatly reduce noise. Strong electromagnetic coil steel shell can also maintain reasonably, prevent spatter the risk of metal material, the furnace has large safety factor in the operation process. Heat preservation and heat insulation for reasonably and improve the service life of the furnace charge, high frequency melting furnace are on the top and bottom of each set refrigeration loop, has the effect that the symmetry furnace charge temperature, reduce the thermal deformation. Energy-saving, high toughness of the stainless steel plate cooling ring, further improve the furnace efficiency. In the high frequency furnace not only have strong steel shell, and the design scheme for the professional induction melting furnace of thick wall tube electromagnetic coil structure, and according to choose appropriate locked-rotor spacing of electromagnetic coil, to promote transformation of electromagnetic coil high efficiency, small resistor. High frequency melting furnace in melting gold molten silver - equipment working principle and structure of high frequency melting furnace manufacturer Zhongshan intermediate frequency furnace - maintaining efficiency Intermediate frequency furnace - IGBT rectifier circuit How to improve the service life of crucible medium frequency melting furnace in melting process of how to perform the important parameters of medium frequency melting furnace equipment check harry extension characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace
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