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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Induction heating quenching depends largely on the quality of the form and structure of sensor is selected correctly. According to the shape of the sensor, the distance between the sensor and the heated workpieces, and input the power size and the frequency of the power supply current sensors, can make the surface to obtain certain depth and shape of the heating layer, the same sensor, by changing the input power and current frequency, different depth of heating layer can be obtained. General heated air gap between components and sensors is less than 2 ~ 5 mm, enlarged the gap will reduce the heating efficiency, and reduce the gap, it could make the air in the clearance is breakdown. ( 1) Sensor number of turns of the number of turns of the sensor depends on quenching process, such as heating water immediately after, can be made into single turn sensors, but increase the highly difficult. If use brass bent into a circle is more convenient, but the number of turns unfavorable and overmuch, generally no more than 3 turns, the sensor height had better not exceed 60 mm, otherwise will reduce the output efficiency of high frequency equipment. ( 2) Sensor material of sensor materials should be made by pure copper industry ( Copper tube) Or conductivity of less than 96% pure copper conductivity brass. ( 3) Sensor in the form of a sensor in the form of a can be designed and manufactured according to the shape of workpiece and the specific circumstances. Induction heating quenching equipment parts which brand good induction heating quenching workpiece quenching process after quenching medium frequency induction heating equipment check project common defects of high frequency induction heating quenching after quenching equipment technological advantages and application of construction machinery parts induction quenching process of the intermediate frequency induction quenching equipment ( Professional and technical data) Axial induction quenching cooling technology of high frequency induction hardening heat treatment quenching equipment what induction quenching furnace which good induction hardening circle induction heating coil induction quenching equipment professional production technology for the future what are the importance of manufacturing induction hardening advantages what are the types of induction hardening
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