Identification of intermediate frequency electric furnace combustion method

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-07
Intermediate frequency furnace combustion state determines the enterprise production efficiency, good combustion condition can improve the speed of enterprise production operation, if appear in the process of using the intermediate frequency electric furnace combustion is not sufficient, production efficiency will be discounted. How do we through the burning situation of the macroscopic observation of the furnace, to judge the stand or fall of burning? Mainly from the following several aspects to observe, identify the intermediate frequency electric furnace combustion of a burning, burning flame state for flame: is the content of the need to observe the flame is stable, if the flame pulsation or take off flame need to find the reason immediately; Mars in a burning flame, if there is Mars shows atomized particles is too big, hungry the oil droplets speed is greater than the flame burning speed; Combustion flame orange light, yellow and bright color is yellow or yellowish orange with black. If the flame evenly and was yellow orange translucent, light intensity in the furnace, flame tip slightly gray, at this point, the combustion status is best, excess air coefficient of minimum; If the flame is yellow, the transparency is very high, the excess air coefficient is too large, combustion adjustment is needed; If the flame yellow and orange dim partial or all of the whole furnace has black smoke, the excess air coefficient is too small, even at the risk of stalling. Second, the shape of the shape of the combustion flame burning flame need in conformity with the shape of the chamber of a stove or furnace. First ask the flame shape in the center line of the furnace can symmetry, shall not be skewed; The diameter of the flame - than the chamber length is 80% 90%. Absolutely do not allow the flame endings sweep clean surface, it is because the hot flame, if encounter low temperature heating surface will cause coking or carbon. Three, flame size backflow zone for tangential inlet air burner, rotate within the furnace flame, the flame at the center line of the furnace showed a backflow zone, backflow zone size determined according to the burner performance, it must be made to match the shape of the chamber of a stove or furnace. Backflow zone is too big, the flame short, wide, fire area and wide to the furnace, furnace forward fire area. Reflux area is too small, the flame is fine and long, fire area back to the furnace. Backflow zone size depends on the intensity of the rotation of the combustion air. Four, the color of the exhaust smoke of fuel gas from smoke discharge, if the flue gas with pale gray, complete combustion, the air volume is moderate; If smoke or white smoke said furnace burning, smoke combustion-supporting air quantity is insufficient or bad atomizing, white smoke is excess air coefficient is too big.
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