Hubei medium frequency melting furnace factory, but they run to come to foshan!

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-01
Because search 'hubei medium frequency melting furnace factory' is searched in heng Yang company, also became a constant young customers, it looks a little meaning. The thing is, I wish Mr Is an open hardware tools factory in foshan hubei boss, shortly before he was ready to search, the 'medium frequency melting furnace' habitual 'hubei medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer', because he was hubei, he would like to make the wrong is wrong, look at home what manufacturers. But input medium frequency melting furnace manufacturers also went after hubei heng Yang company, he points in to browse, I didn't think this watch is 20 minutes, see heng Yang is focused on the induction heating equipment research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises. Production of high frequency quenching equipment developed, medium frequency induction furnace, medium frequency quenching equipment, high frequency welding equipment, super audio quenching equipment, induction heating equipment. Mr Wish that this is a one-stop induction heating equipment manufacturers, should have the strength, he decided to take a product run a trip to the survey. 'I hubei medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer is baidu search, but run to foshan! 'In heng Yang office I wish Mr. Humorously said to wu manager. 'As the saying goes, 'as if by predestination, opposite for not know' this is the fate! Answer to 'wu manager is a talent, is also quite funny,' I wish you always drink some tea cool off first, foshan, this several days all 30 ℃, wait a minute we go to shop around '. So they stroll to the assembly parts processing workshop, of course, mold base and debugging workshop for original materials storehouse also did not miss, I wish Mr. Is a careful man, a circle turn down for 2 hours, then he will talk about the intermediate frequency furnace and engineering xugong solution. Guangdong - formal medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer Record customer details medium frequency melting furnace factory management scheme to determine the manufacturing high economic benefit small manufacturer - medium frequency melting furnace Factory the strength investigation - medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer There is always the right machine you need
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