Hubei - induction heating equipment manufacturer Induction of commonly used sensors

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-01
Hubei heng Yang induction heating equipment manufacturers will further cylindrical heat load of furnace look how turn oak is a primary coil and single turn short circuit fault cut level of electromagnetic coil transformer, primary coil and secondary coil out smaller gas space between each other space. Here it is important to show that when electric discharge frequency, there would be a 'skin effect'. Inductive heating current strength from heating workpiece surface to product management center is gradually reduced, and the frequency of the power flow is higher to reduce the proportion of. The strength of the current this kind of loss that is heated resistance of the raw material and relative permeability of two physics the tail. Heng Yang hubei induction heating equipment manufacturer showed that induction flow throughout with deep penetration level change and manipulate electrical flow across elements. Current strength fell to about a third of the surface current intensity values in the deep is the 'skin deep'. 'Primary' and 'secondary' sensors and electrical flow of product artifacts into deep is to indicate the three main parameters. Hubei induction heating induction heating equipment manufacturer commonly used sensors are all made with copper, generally use water for cooling. Sensors and product artifacts to decoupling, is inseparable from the small value of the gas gap among them should be in and out of the sensors with product artifacts maintain Po adjustment of fitness. Under some conditions, in order to reduce the workpiece heated products of thermal radiation damage on the surface of the sensor package thermal insulation material, then expand the product artifacts and sensor in the middle of the 'gas gap'. Induction heating equipment manufacturers - in guangdong Provide on-site service - heng Yang guangzhou induction heating equipment manufacturer 24 hours service
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