How to remove the dirt in vacuum melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-26
It is well known that vacuum melting furnace is mainly used in vacuum environment, heating equipment. Although vacuum melting furnace is used in vacuum environment, but in the process of use, waste generated a lot of fouling. How the waste is not handled in time, will greatly increase the difficulty of maintenance vacuum melting furnace, even can reduce the service life of furnace. So how should we deal with the fouling garbage? To guarantee the service life of vacuum melting furnace and the working efficiency? These fouling material viscosity, varying according to the location in the boiler, due to the effect of different melting point and the condensation of the ash, some fouling content in liquid or semi-liquid form, some of them are dry solid. The fouling material if not timely get rid of, will have adverse consequences for vacuum melting furnace. 1, because of the vacuum melting furnace with a considerable amount of sulfur dioxide in flue gas, meet water will become sulphur trioxide ( Commonly known as the dilute sulphuric acid) , cause corrosion to the surface of heat exchange tube. So in the process of use, the need to prevent corrosive sulphur trioxide, destroy the furnace. 2, due to the vacuum melting furnace heated surface fouling will product more and more thick, form the insulating layer, directly affect the heat transfer, reduce the thermal efficiency of boiler. After vacuum melting furnace in use at one time, must complete maintenance, remove fouling, avoid the product the thickness. 3, due to the fouling of heat exchange tube walls thicker, the equivalent of heat exchange tube is more and more rough, thus reducing the heat exchange between the air permeability cross-sectional area, increased the resistance of the flue gas emissions, bring some influence to the normal combustion of boiler. Require specific maintenance to remove fouling.
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