How to make steel medium frequency furnace desulfurization

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-07
Application of intermediate frequency furnace in cast steel industry has been very common, but the vast majority of enterprises to intermediate frequency electric furnace in the smelting process of metallurgical reaction study is less, in case of excess sulfur in liquid steel composition, dumped out part of the liquid steel, plus low phosphorus steel scrap to ingredients of sulfur melting, such loss is bigger, master the methods of desulfurization, is a very valuable work. How to make steel desulfurization intermediate frequency furnace sulfur in liquid steel and slag in FeS form existence, FeS of FeS in liquid steel and slag can be solved through diffusion transfer each other, under a certain temperature, the mass fraction ratio is a constant, S process, is the use of this principle. In the steel liquid deoxidation reduction sufficient conditions, prompted FeS of slag with CaS, 'formed by the Ca2 + FeS in reducing slag, causing the FeS to spread in the slag in liquid steel, to achieve the purpose of the liquid steel to take off the S, reactive as follows: ( 菲斯) + ( CaO) = ( CaS) + FeO, therefore, to do a good job of desulfurization is pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the liquid steel deoxidized as fully as possible, the liquid steel in the reduction period must do a good job in DNA that is the necessary prerequisite for desulfurization. 2, increasing the basicity of slag, slag to make enough CaO to participate in the reaction, it is generally believed slag basicity with 2. 5 - 3. 5 the best. 3, the proper higher liquid steel temperature, increase the temperature of the liquid steel can reduce the viscosity of slag, conducive to the spread of the FeS, improve the efficiency of desulfurization. 4, strengthen the mixing of liquid steel and slag. Desulfurization process is slow diffusion process, strengthen the stirring, increase the contact area of liquid steel and slag is the most effective measures to improve the desulfurization efficiency.
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