How to make its best medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-22
Keep the intermediate frequency electric furnace in the process of work all the time in the groove can not only enhance the equipment efficiency, can also extend the service life of equipment, manufacturers can bring huge production benefit. So many clients manufacturers in seeking to keep the working state of intermediate frequency electric furnace optimum method. Knot how to make its best medium frequency melting furnace and the furnace lining this step is very important in the use of intermediate frequency furnace, quenching equipment to how to correct and in conformity with the rules for safe use of intermediate frequency electric furnace lining knot is an important premise condition, is also an important guarantee to protect the safety of operators. Usually, before using the intermediate frequency electric furnace, be sure to first check work, in the first place to look is in water cooling system of the water is in a normal request, as well as the state of the water pressure and water temperature is not meet the requirements. 1 try to choose better in terms of workpiece medium workpiece materials. 2 equipment starts, intermediate frequency furnace batch gradually join the workpiece material, ensure that equipment can be a long time in the condition of large power. 3 the location of the equipment lining should not be placed too. 4 to ensure equipment maintained in the working process of the furnace cover. 5 can be appropriately increased two to three pieces of capacitor but unfavorable and overmuch. Pay attention to the medium frequency melting furnace equipment power supply to work under the rectifier filter for the state of the inverter. In order to make the whole equipment of frequency conversion efficiency is highest, the network side to minimize absorption of waste power, hope equipment working under a state of 80% to 90% rated voltage. At this time, due to close all open rectifier bridge, the highest natural power factor rectifier bridge. Silicon controlled at the same time conduction time of commutation point close to nature, opened when the current is small, silicon controlled rectifier tube play a biggest role, good for the service life of the thyristor. These methods can do quenching equipment for customers reference when using the intermediate frequency electric furnace, attention to detail in the operation, the function of the basic can play a good equipment, make production more efficient and effective.
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