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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-25
In high frequency induction heating machine equipment installation process: & emsp;   1, put the main machine: usually host ( Operation control machine) , deputy machine ( The power output machine) Put in the following.     2, connect the deputy machine hydropower: with the two soft tube in the accessories, straight on straight down the way the water through. With parts of the two cables, red red, black black method circuit connected to the power supply. Must tighten, can not have poor contact phenomenon. Connected to the main machine and ground.     3, contact: equipment depending on the actual situation, generally speaking, there are 110 v, 220 v to 380 v or 450 v and customized special type machine voltage. According to the case, 110 v, 220 v tip rounding principle is red is black zero line. Access to a dedicated single phase power leakage or air switch. Three-phase 380 v power supply ( 380V) To each of the three red wire access for three-phase power leakage or air switch ( More than 65 a) 。 Again good earthed. Three phase four wire system generally black is zero other 3 kinds of color is phase line, connect according to actual condition. In the high frequency induction heating machine equipment & emsp;   4, water: equipment commonly used cooling water pressure of 0. 1Mpa- 0. 3Mpa( About 1 - 3 kg) 。 Different models, demand for water supply pressure is not the same. Specific see machine power size. Please customers to use a 370 w single-phase electric ( 220V) The pump and a storage tank or reservoir ( Depending on the continuous working time and effort to pick volume, when necessary, can be installed small cooling towers or cold water machine) 。 Constraints can be directly use cold water cooling machine. Hose pump outlet and inlet of the machine, the machine outlet hose will return back into the reservoir, to achieve the water circulating water cooling.     5, electromagnetic induction coil installation: according to the heating of metal products the shape, size, shape selection and installation, fixed electromagnetic induction coil. Pay special attention to, electromagnetic induction coil can not have short circuit phenomenon.     6, add product artifacts: will need to artifacts in the electromagnetic induction coil central heating products, around the gap should be basically the same, product artifacts and electromagnetic induction coil can not touching one another. High frequency induction heating machine use: & emsp;   1, the heat treatment: all kinds of metal part or the whole of the hardening hardening, softening annealing, stress relieving, heat through.     2, thermoforming: whole, hot upsetting forging part, forging, hot rolling;     3, welding, brazing of various kinds of metal products, all kinds of cutter blades, saw blades saw welding, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, precision of the PC board electrical soldering, same dissimilar metal welding;     4, metal smelting, gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metal ( Vacuum) Smelting, casting molding and evaporation coating;     5, high-frequency heating machine use: other semiconductor crystal growth, thermal collaboration, bottle heat sealing, toothpaste, heat sealing, powder coating, metal implants plastic, physical and medical purposes.
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