How to install leakage in medium frequency furnace alarm

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-06
How to install leakage in medium frequency furnace alarm technology encyclopedia how to detect the failure frequency of intermediate frequency furnace furnace installation leak alarm answer: 1 intermediate frequency furnace repair phase rectifier: problem characterized by abnormal noise when working, maximum rose less than output voltage rating, and strange sound bigger power ark, then to lower output voltage is controlled in 200 v, oscilloscope for investigation of the rectifier output voltage waveform ( Oscilloscope should be placed in power synchronization) , when the normal input voltage waveform each cycle were six waveform, lack of. Our factory has three ark of intermediate frequency furnace, alarm panels of each tank is how to install leakage in medium frequency furnace and voltage alarm a: intermediate frequency furnace harmonic current is large, if there is no governance, capacitor to the harmonic amplification, in addition, the higher harmonic frequency, the smaller resistance capacitance of the device, the two causes capacitance current burned. Measure the frequency of the harmonic current, and filtering. Intermediate frequency furnace copper laps leaking blow-in influential? Answer: medium frequency furnace copper laps leaking furnace. Can try the following treatment method: medium frequency furnace in use process, can appear sometimes furnace inductor turn-to-turn flint and leaking, stay after the traditional processing method is tilting furnace crucible cooled, remove oxygen sensor with welding repair again after installation construction. Greatly reduces the average electric furnace crucible furnace life. After practicing, is summarized. Medium frequency induction coil, furnace leakage but blowing in normal will have any questions, please answer: under high voltage on both ends of the intermediate frequency induction coil, for the medium frequency power supply of 380 v into line, at least as high as 700 v on both ends of the sensor, and if the intermediate frequency smelting furnace, is likely to be using times pressure method, the voltage is 700 v twice! Once the induction coil, leakage will produce a serious safety accidents, must immediately stop the maintenance. Who is a great god tell me what medium frequency furnace furnace leakage alarm figure, I'm a little see not too understand a: this is the electric diagram you didn't study electrical Fang Yi households. Intermediate frequency furnace bottom how to install leakage magnetic flux leakage how to solve the medium frequency furnace furnace alarm a: under the condition of normal smelting yoke overheating, a magnetic yoke volume is not enough for the poor quality or yoke, two head yoke fever and burden add quantity and position, but now you are red, manufacturers can make appropriate processing, not red and hot to handle this is normal. Intermediate frequency furnace installation requirements answer: user, please first provide the scene graph and the scene of some of the requirements or the technical parameters, designed by experts detailed on-site installation plan; Equipment for basic requirements: the flat cement ground, without a fixed or slightly fixed; Equipment should be placed on ventilation, shade, outdoor shade; User is responsible for the installation of materials and the need of civil engineering and the necessary tools, I. Leakage in medium frequency furnace how to deal with? Answer: if there is a leak phenomenon of furnace. Should immediately cut off the power supply, check around the stove for boiler water leakage, if any, immediately pour furnace, pouring molten iron, if not, then according to the furnace leakage alarm inspection procedures for inspection and repair, and in general if furnace in the boiler water leakage after pouring furnace building again. Specific you can search for the 'divine furnace', it has related in detail. Why my intermediate frequency furnace hearth has been leaking! Who can help ah! Thank you very much! Answer: the bottom whether some preset a permanent layer, vent to open, otherwise the moisture out, sintering furnace bottom are not reliable, easy to burn through. First charge to choose better material, charging wants light, want to slowly increase power, in this way can is quartz sand sintering is good, strong and durable. Bottom can be appropriately increasing point. Don't start what's wrong answer: medium frequency furnace medium frequency furnace ( Intermediate frequency ark) The reason why the can't afford to machine can't start the first 1, confirm the power switch and control switch is already open; 2, open the control power supply after the presence of alarm and timely troubleshooting; 3, intermediate frequency transformer turn-to-turn short circuit and open circuit or contact undesirable phenomenon; 4, intermediate frequency voltage than dc voltage as beta Angle is too small, add more beta Angle. 5. How to install leakage in medium frequency furnace alarm before wearing in medium frequency furnace technical data will be how to install what are the symptoms of intermediate frequency furnace furnace leakage alarm answer: 1 observe furnace wall thickness distribution, probably understand the parts will be punched. 2 after each furnace hot metal pouring, observe whether the lining is the part of the black mark. 3 in the part of the black mark, supplement the reoccupy after with sand. 4 for the sake of safety, not sure to stop using it. What is the principle of intermediate frequency furnace? How to install leakage in medium frequency furnace alarm answer: the working principle of intermediate frequency power supply as follows: the three-phase bridge type all control will ac rectifier for dc rectifier circuit, after the flat wave reactor, became a constant dc current source, then through single phase inverter bridge, the dc current inverter with a certain frequency ( Generally between 1000 and 8000 hz) The single-phase medium frequency current. Load is composed of induction coil and compensating capacitor, connection. Why intermediate frequency electric furnace shell leakage intermediate frequency furnace installation leak alarm answer: generally there is no problem on insulation processing, intermediate frequency electric furnace shell should be no leakage. Want to ask you: are you of intermediate frequency furnace aluminum shell furnace or steel shell furnace? That's good to answer your question. Intermediate frequency furnace steel leakage there are several kinds of answer: medium frequency furnace steel main reason is the leakage problem of lining materials, good refractory lining materials can reach 1800 degrees, steelmaking the highest temperature of 1700 degrees or so commonly, as long as the quality of lining materials is no problem, generally do not have leakage steel case.
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