How to improve the service life of furnace improvement measures

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-27
Melting furnace for circular top open feeding type reverberatory furnace, refractory lining of high alumina brick masonry. As a result of the aluminum slag erosion and thermal shock of double effect, coupled with the mechanical collision when charging, its service life is in commonly 1200 to 1400 between the melting time ( In 700 investment for a long times or so) 。 The company through the furnace wall and slag line and the structure of the front and refractory was improved, effectively improve the service life of furnace. How to improve the service life of furnace improvement measures to improve before the furnace wall has been circle is iron clad fiber felt + + 20 mm diatomite thermal insulation brick, 230 mm + 230 mm high alumina brick structure. Will now slag line above the furnace wall used high aluminum, high strength low cement castable integral casting, stainless steel anchor hook reinforcement in the middle. The castable shock, resistance to erosion performance is good, its 1750 ℃ or higher refractoriness, volume density of 2. 5 g/cm3, compression strength, 1400℃) ≥60MPa. 。 Insulation layer using RT - J0. 8 castable refractory fiber, the castable refractory lining overall, good sealing, and the construction is simple, using projection method can daub, oven, no additional time melting furnace won't appear crack and explosion phenomenon. System about the melting furnace equipment daily maintenance, should follow the following three points: 1, each furnace operation, carefully remove the firing gun, clean up the dust on the ignition point, maintain good state of ignition. 2, check every day four pneumatic directional control valve, three fan, four gas solenoid valve operation condition. 3, weekly cleaning furnace dust indoor dust. Check once a month regenerative ball dust condition, the main gun sheath burning condition. After the modification of the furnace, after two years of use, in addition to outside the oven door, grilled slag slope on a minor repair, other parts are intact. Slag line brick extruding part is not completely to erode, the average temperature of the furnace shell from the previous insufficient number of greater than 90 ℃ to 80 ℃. The service life of the furnace is increased 2 before improvement. Five times, each furnace can save maintenance cost 260000 yuan.
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