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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-28
Intermediate frequency should be how to carry out equipment to check? Small make up and share medium frequency melting furnace to how to carry out the equipment check: & emsp;   1, medium frequency melting furnace, a day before blowing in staff, should check the furnace lining, the oven, if found to have glory hole drilling iron, should be timely open throat opening, take out the mouth again;     2, the staff to the intermediate frequency furnace before sending, should check the cooling water pipe joint, furnace cooling water pipe joints with and without leakage phenomenon or a package, when there is this phenomenon, shall promptly notify the maintenance personnel to repair or replacement;     3, a day before sending check within the furnace or electric cooling water pressure and pump hydraulic conditions. The water hydraulic oil pump and oil pressure should conform to the requirements of the equipment;     4, the staff should check whether there is any water seepage, leakage on furnace lining materials at the same time, the phenomenon such as adsorption material, there is a problem should be handled in time after the furnace; Want to know more information medium frequency melting furnace can ask heng Yang, our company is specialized in the production of induction heating equipment for 10 years, according to the requirements of non-standard custom-made. The working principle of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace with the purpose of precious metals smelting equipment | the characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace Taiwan 110 kw intermediate frequency furnace customer acceptance process video 25 kw intermediate frequency furnace molten silver 20 kg video video medium frequency melting furnace smelting test site
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