How to determine the life of a medium frequency melting furnace lining

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-02
Because of intermediate frequency electric furnace lining material price is quite expensive, and factors such as construction time is long, so the electric furnace lining can use time to extend a is worth fighting for. However, sometimes in order to use a more likely lining is iron liquid penetration, consequence is very serious and even endanger the safety of the equipment and personal. This requires that we accurately judge the service life of furnace lining. Below small make up to summarize the method of melting furnace manufacturer! After many years of experience, summarizes the lining life judgment method is as follows: ( 1) Calculate lining life based on past experience, in pay attention to the electric furnace lining life faster when frequency table, voltmeter and ammeter, if these tables whose hands under normal working condition of oscillation, the lining life after work will try not to continue to use. ( 2) Operators with iron contact normal grilled slag iron liquid has the feeling of electric shock, observe furnace work, if the sound 'fullness' and even change the voice obvious at the time of the liquid iron, that iron has invaded the breakdown lining, lining and even in the treatment of molten iron in furnace as the case may be and does not continue to use. ( 3) Voice circuit work obviously become 'boring', power supply circuit shell and other grounding body contact will stop working, iron liquid has breakdown lining, should immediately cut off power supply of molten iron in pour out, stop to continue to use.
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