How to deal with that of medium frequency melting furnace smoke

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-24
In the process of iron and steel production and processing, intermediate frequency electric furnace can produce smoke, should first know evaporative spray cooling in the form of the installation position of nozzle and nozzle, should also know that in the intermediate frequency electric furnace cooling tower design. How to deal with medium frequency melting furnace to produce gas and a we will often ask the question is: why do you want to often clean the intermediate frequency furnace operation room is also necessary for a reason. Due to often clean the room and power ark inside as well as the dust of the coil can be very good avoid the phenomenon of insulation, also can reduce the frequency of failure. Always check each cooling way of water and the water pressure is also very critical and necessary. In daily use not only to check for these important part should also check the link of the each parts have close links will promptly to reinforce if loose phenomenon, this can well prevent parts burned. Due to the intermediate frequency electric furnace can have flue gas generated in the process of using, so also can control the temperature of the flue gas and the amount of emissions, also can control the pace of change. At home, medium frequency melting furnace of non-ferrous metal extrusion billet maximum heating billet specifications of the power frequency induction furnace ~ b560mm & amp; 次; 1750 mm aluminum ingots, around the heating power of 3000 kw intermediate frequency furnace, basically is the similar equipment in the world & amp; 宝贝, The boss & amp; ”, 。 The equipment is used for quenching equipment form a complete set of 100 mn aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusion machine. Because the amount of water in the spray system must be as the change of medium frequency melting furnace for change. And spit out particles also must remain unchanged. So a good quality of flue gas cooling system must match a high quality and high accuracy of the nozzle, it should also be equipped with a particularly fast response speed of automatic control system.
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