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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-28
How to choose the right frequency induction heating power supply, induction heating equipment and equipment? The frequency of the induction heating power supply is how to define? When choosing induction heating equipment of frequency is suitable for the process requirements artifacts? If you are not the answer to these questions, then please come. The introduction of the following can let everybody know more of the selection of induction heating power, heng Yang electromechanical recommend everyone is not the most expensive, but must be suitable for your production needs, only suitable is the best. 1, induction heating power supply, induction heating equipment frequency induction heating power supply, induction heating equipment, depending on the output frequency, which can be roughly divided into: ultra high frequency, high frequency, super audio, medium frequency, etc. Different frequencies, different heating process requirement need if frequency selection error cannot satisfy the heating requirements, such as slow heating time and low working efficiency, uneven heating, the temperature can not meet the requirements, likely to cause damage to the workpiece. 2, the correct selection of frequency in the first place, to understand the heating process requirement of the product, probably it has the following several ways: 1) Workpiece diathermy, for example: fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, rigging, twist drill, hot rolling of hot upsetting, the workpiece diameter, the greater the frequency should be lower. Such as: Φ under 4 mm, it is suitable for high frequency, ultra high frequency ( 200 - 500千赫) Φ4 - Apply high frequency (16 mm 30 - 100千赫) Φ16 - Super audio (40 mm apply 10 - 30千赫) More than 40 mm Φ for intermediate frequency ( 1 - 10 KHz) 250 kw intermediate frequency heating power to the bar with a diameter of 100 mm below the diathermy, round steel and other metals. 2) Quenching heat treatment, such as axle, gear, quenching and annealing stainless steel products, etc. , quenching, for example, workpiece quenching layer is shallow, the higher the frequency should be, the deeper hardening layer, the lower frequency should be. Such as: quenching layer for 02. - 0. For 100-8 mm High-frequency, high frequency 1 250 KHz. 0 - 1. For 40-5 mm 50 KHz high frequency 1. 5 - 2. 0 mm 20 - shall apply 25 KHz audio 2. 0 - 3. 0 mm 8 - shall apply 20 KHz super audio, medium frequency, 3. 0 - 5. 4-0 mm apply 8 KHz frequency 5. 0 - 8. 0 mm 2 shall apply. 5 - 4 KHz frequency 3) Brazing, such as the drill bit, cutter, reamer, milling cutter, drill bits, etc and stainless steel pot of composite materials with different welding, welding volume is larger, the more frequency should be reduced, welding tool, for example, such as: 20 mm below the cutting tool, 50 - shall apply 20-100 KHz high frequency - For 10 to 30 mm above tools 50 KHz high-frequency, super audio more than 30 mm cutter, 1 to apply 8 KHz frequency. 4) Melting gold, silver, copper, lead, and other precious metals according to furnace and production efficiency. Most high frequency, small capacity of optional choose super audio, medium frequency, super audio can satisfy the general application of die casting industry, can melt 200 kg per hour the general application of aluminum ingots. Limited to the level of the author, at present the above information is not very detailed, in the future if there is a more detailed content, to discuss with you again.
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