How to correctly choose a medium frequency induction melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-03
Medium frequency induction melting furnace heating speed, high efficiency burning less heat loss small, workshop temperature is relatively low, produce less smoke, save energy, increase productivity, improve labor condition, reduce the labor intensity, effective purification workshop environment, etc. Foundry enterprises should be based on the transformer capacity when choosing medium frequency melting furnace, the production requirements, investment quota as selection criteria, such as the following should be paid attention to when the choose and buy equipment. How to correctly choose medium frequency induction melting furnace 1. So far, medium frequency induction melting condition of electricity industry compared to the commonly used SCR bridge parallel inverter frequency power supply, transformer capacity and the power of numerical value relation is: value = power transformer capacity value x 1. 2. Transformer for the rectifier transformer to reduce the number of harmonic interference, plane is special, as far as possible namely a medium frequency power supply configuration a rectifier transformer. For below 1000 kw intermediate frequency power five wire system generally adopts three-phase 380 v, 50 hz industrial electricity, configuration 6 single pulse rectifier intermediate frequency power supply; For more than 1000 kwy medium frequency power supply is focus on the use of 660 v is configured into line voltage 12 pulse double rectifier intermediate frequency power supply. 2. Capacity requirements according to the weight of single piece and each weekday need the weight of the liquid iron, can determine the capacity of the medium frequency induction melting furnace. And then determine the power and frequency of the medium frequency power supply. 3. Structure choice by industry habits to reducer for the tilting furnace of aluminum alloy melting furnace commonly known as the supply of aluminum shell furnace structure. In the hydraulic cylinder for the tilting furnace of steel structure of the induction melting furnace commonly known as the steel furnace. 4, technical strength of formal manufacturers to study advanced technology invested a lot of manpower material resources, complete advanced equipment, exquisite technology, the melting speed, power consumption, reflect the different aspects such as equipment failure. A lot of manufacturers do not have the conditions of the plant commissioning, lower cost of nature, assembly and commissioning process on the quality of the influence is very big, different manufacturers, different craft, different prices also lead to different quality. 5, good after-sales service after-sales service is the guarantee of quality of equipment, machinery and electronic products out of the hard to avoid failure, it will need good after-sales service, regular manufacturers have enough technical personnel and the ability to ensure after-sales service. Medium frequency induction melting furnace, before they go out after several times of static and dynamic debugging, one year warranty, during this period, for equipment failure caused by the responsibility for any non-human will shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer.
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