How to choose the high frequency quenching equipment and intermediate frequency quenching equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-28
And intermediate frequency quenching equipment on the principle is the same. Is the use of induction heating current, make the rapid heating surface, a method of immediately after cooling. Due to the high frequency and medium frequency current skin effect, this method only strengthen workpiece surface within the scope of a certain depth, while the heart department basically kept heat treatment before the organization and performance, and can obtain high strength, high wear resistance and high toughness of the complex. First of all, speak high frequency quenching equipment: high frequency quenching hardened layer is usually 1 - For 30-3 mm, current frequency 80 KHZ, apply to the degree of hardening layer is shallow artifacts, such as small gear, such as smaller axial small workpiece products; Again, medium frequency quenching equipment: intermediate frequency quenching hardening layer is generally 2 - 10毫米( Can be hardening) Current frequency is 1 10 KHZ and can be used for larger workpiece quenching, such as the larger gear workpiece, larger bearing products, etc. High frequency quenching & emsp;   A high, intermediate frequency quenching hardened layer depth, & emsp;   Intermediate frequency quenching: deeper hardening layer ( 3 ~ 5毫米) , is suitable for twist, under pressure load of parts, such as crankshaft, wheel, grinding spindle ( Materials for 45 # steel, 40 cr, 9 mn2v and ductile of high frequency quenching, surface hardening for a short period of time! Crystal texture is very fine! Structure deformation is small, medium frequency surface stress is smaller than high frequency 50 hz power frequency, 5 - heating depth 10, 1000 - 10000 hz, called intermediate frequency.     High frequency quenching hardened layer shallow ( 1. 5~2mm) , high hardness and difficult to oxidation, deformation small, quenching are of good quality, high efficiency, suitable for work under the condition of friction parts, such as general smaller gear, shaft, Materials for 45 # steel, 40 cr) 。 More than 10000 hz is called high frequency quenching.     Second, the high quenching medium frequency induction heating equipment in principle & emsp;   High frequency quenching most for industrial metal parts quenching, is to make the workpiece surface produce certain induction equipment, rapid heating surface of parts, and then rapidly quenching a metal heat treatment method. Artifacts in sensors, sensor is generally input frequency or high frequency alternating current, 1000 - 300000 hz or higher) The hollow copper pipe. In the alternating magnetic field in the workpiece to produce same frequency induction heating, the induced current distribution in the workpiece is not uniform, strong on the surface, and in the internal is very weak, the heart of close to zero, use the skin effect, can make the surface heating quickly, within a few seconds - surface temperature rise to 800 Temperature of 1000 ℃, and the core is very small.     Intermediate frequency quenching, it is the metal pieces put inside an induction coil, induction coil alternating current (ac), to produce alternating electromagnetic field, induction of alternating current in the metal parts.     Induction hardening frequency selecting is very important. Different current frequency, will produce different penetration depth in parts, in the subsequent quenching in different depth of hardened layer can be obtained. High frequency ( Intermediate frequency) Current an important characteristic is called surface effect, that is, with the current frequency increase, the induced current tend to be more parts surface. The higher the frequency, surface current density, the greater the current penetration depth is smaller. The lower the frequency, the greater the current penetration depth. High frequency quenching equipment and intermediate frequency quenching equipment has a common characteristic, can the local heating quenching, can significantly reduce the quenching deformation of the workpiece, loss of energy conservation and cost reduction. Heng Yang is how to operate the high frequency induction hardening equipment? High frequency induction hardening to achieve surface heating way to medium frequency induction hardening equipment - at the same time PLC and industrial control computer full automatic control
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