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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-26
A, heated workpiece shape and size of the workpiece, bar, solid material should choose relatively big power, low frequency heat treatment equipment; Small artifacts, pipe, plate, gear, etc. , choose relatively small power, high frequency heat treatment equipment. Second, the need to heating depth and area of heating depth is deep and large area, the overall heating, should choose big power, low frequency heat treatment equipment; Local heating, heating, shallow depth, the area is small, use relatively little power, high frequency heat treatment equipment. Three, the heating speed need heating speed, should choose power is relatively large, relatively low frequency heat treatment equipment. 4, equipment continuous working hours continuous working time is long, slightly larger relative to choose power heat treatment equipment, on the contrary, choose power equipment is relatively small. Five, long distance connectivity of inductive components and equipment, even need to use water cooled cable connection, should choose relatively large power of heat treatment equipment. Six, technological requirements in general, quenching, the welding process, such as relative power can choose smaller, high frequency selected some; Tempering, annealing process, such as relative power to choose a few bigger, low frequency selection; Red, hot forging, such as smelting, need heating process with good effect, the power to choose bigger, choose lower frequency. Seven hardware tools, workpiece material selection relative high melting point metal materials power, low melting point relative to choose power smaller; Some small resistivity selection of large power, resistivity selection of big power. Surface hardening is to rapid heating quenching temperature, and then rapidly cooling, only give surface quenching a heat treatment method of the organization. By rapid heating, make the surface quickly reach the quenching temperature, when the heat has not yet spread to the core, is quickly cooled, so, martensite with high hardness on the surface of the organization, and the core still retains the good original organization toughness and plasticity. Using surface quenching process can make the parts surface with high strength, hardness and wear resistance, the heart has a certain strength, enough plasticity and toughness. To achieve phase transition in the workpiece surface layer within the limited depth of the temperature of the points above, you must give the surface of the workpiece with extremely high energy density to heat, heat on the surface of the parts to transmit to the heart, and cause great difference in temperature between surface and center. Therefore, surface quenching is often in the form of surface energy supply different naming and classification. Surface quenching into induction heating surface quenching, quenching, flame heating surface and contact resistance heating surface hardening, electrolyte heating surface hardening, laser and electron beam heating surface quenching etc. The heat treatment is the most widely used in the production of induction heating surface quenching, followed by the flame heating surface hardening. Material heat treatment engineer essential basic knowledge how to choose the plate heat treatment quenching heat treatment furnace to improve the overall level of quenching tempering heat treatment furnace of choose and buy some misunderstandings in the process of heat treatment process cooling what's important role in metal heat treatment of commonly used type selection guide
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