How to choose according to use the correct medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-23
Selection of intermediate frequency furnace is important is to save energy and reduce energy consumption, to prevent pollution and reduce pollution emissions is a prerequisite for sustainable economic conditions is also a kind of important means. In the process of production and processing, intermediate frequency furnace heating speed, the high efficient temperature will reduce the consumption of heat. How to choose the right according to utility of medium frequency melting furnace with intermediate frequency furnace workshop temperature is not high, reduce the producing process of soot, quenching equipment to save energy so you can speed up the production efficiency. Improving the working conditions of intermediate frequency electric stove work, reduce the labor intensity of workers, purifying workshop working environment, can produce beneficial effect to improve the work efficiency. The foundry enterprises at the time of purchase of medium frequency melting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace should be based on the capacity of transformer and output requirements and investment amount to make changes. First is to consider electricity conditions, for often use SCR bridge parallel inverter enterprises of intermediate frequency electric stove, intermediate frequency furnace capacity and power supply voltage and machine of numerical relationship is a fixed formula can be calculated. Lining knot good after, how to correctly, reasonable operation is extending the service life of the intermediate frequency electric furnace, and the key to ensure life safety. In general, make the following check before operation using the intermediate frequency electric furnace; 1, water cooling system, water flow is obstructed, cooling water pressure, water temperature is normal, whether there is leakage phenomenon; 2, dumping system can work normally. 3, in the operation to do, be careful not to touch touch, one operator, one person's care, and it is forbidden to sundry to enter the room, prevent to get an electric shock. 4, dry quenching equipment to use in the process of smelting of molten material, light and feeding, often charging, when molten material melt in the furnace to achieve required shall be poured out in time, avoid high temperature increases lining loss; 5, regularly check the cooling water flow, the water pressure is normal. Regular of the various components of the fastening connection bolt, nut, prevent poor contact burned parts. On a regular basis for water cooling system pump motor, reducer for maintenance, ensure the normal water supply and drainage. Regularly rated voltage of equipment, the current efficacy, prevent protection circuit failure. On a regular basis, correct and careful maintenance is prolong the service life of medium frequency melting furnace and ensure safety. 6, should also pay attention to in use, and if I found lining becomes very thin, cannot continue to use, should be hit off the old lining redo the new lining, prevent leakage accidents. 7, in addition, due to the intermediate frequency furnace work in high temperature, high voltage, large power flow. Therefore, we should often clean the room, power supply and induction coil links contained in the copper platoon dust, preventing insulation lower down. 8, frequently observed, and if I found furnace lateral aglow phenomenon, this is the precursor to leak furnace, should take timely closure of intermediate frequency power supply, pour out the liquid, measures such as to prevent furnace leakage accidents.
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