How to choose according to use the correct medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-02

Selection of intermediate frequency furnace is important is to save energy and reduce energy consumption, to prevent pollution and reduce pollution emissions is a prerequisite for sustainable economic conditions is also a kind of important means. In the process of production and processing, intermediate frequency furnace heating speed, the high efficient temperature will reduce the consumption of heat. How to choose the right according to utility of medium frequency melting furnace with intermediate frequency furnace workshop temperature is not high, reduce the producing process of soot, quenching equipment to save energy so you can speed up the production efficiency. Improving the working conditions of intermediate frequency electric stove work, reduce the labor intensity of workers, purifying workshop working environment, can produce beneficial effect to improve the work efficiency. Medium frequency melting furnace heating process is very save material, and burning coal stove, about the heating of forging at least can save steel per ton at 20 to 50 kg, material utilization ratio has reached ninety-five percent. Heating of intermediate frequency furnace parts by oxidation burning loss is only zero point five percent, but using a gas stove heating, there will be two percent oxidized burns, other heating equipment damage degree is higher. The foundry enterprises at the time of purchase of medium frequency melting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace should be based on the capacity of transformer and output requirements and investment amount to make changes. First is to consider electricity conditions, for often use SCR bridge parallel inverter enterprises of intermediate frequency electric stove, intermediate frequency furnace capacity and power supply voltage and machine of numerical relationship is a fixed formula can be calculated. Intermediate frequency electric furnace heating speed is quick, work efficiency is better than other heating equipment to highlight, use less oxidation decarburization materials, quenching equipment can be a very good save material and the production cost, can prolong the service life of processed moulds. Because of induction heating principle of intermediate frequency electric furnace is electromagnetic induction, the induction heat mainly come from the processed parts of itself. If the voltage within one thousand kw intermediate frequency furnace, the power supply should be made use of three-phase five forms, and is equipped with the appropriate intermediate frequency furnace. 

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