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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-21
Induction hardening equipment also known as electromagnetic induction heat treatment equipment, it is the metal workpiece heated to a certain temperature and then cold water spray cooling to improve metal workpiece hardness and wear resistance of the equipment, heat treatment by the device, its product quality is higher, can sell higher price, improve the metal heat treatment plant. How to configure the steel bar induction hardening equipment? How much money a set of steel quenching furnace? Induction quenching furnace environmental protection effect is good? A set of quenching furnace steel rod can finish the configuration way is varied, is made up of different device types. At the same time, the different configuration of equipment, its price is also different. For now, the market of steel bar price in 1 - quenching furnace Around 200000. Customized, heat treatment is more effective in fact, each user the budget of the investment, such as the production area, the output value of the specific requirements of different, to save cost, ensure high yield, it needs us to tailor the appropriate for you induction hardening equipment configuration scheme, to produce higher yields. According to the different needs of customers, the engineer for the customer type of induction hardening equipment configuration is different also. Heng Yang machinery factory of induction heating equipment production technology mature, reliable quality, less investment cost, save operating costs. Manufacturers to provide users with free installation, commissioning, operation training, regular services such as pay, let the customer trip to upgrade more smoothly. Heng Yang induction hardening equipment quotations, can call our service hotline, we will free design for you production plan, provide quotation reasonable equipment quotation. Rebar quenching furnace how much is it expensive to buy rebar quenching furnace move more than how much is the price of foshan steel tube heat treatment quenching furnace manufacturer of machine tool spindle quenching equipment, high frequency induction quenching furnace heng Yang quenching furnace profile and price high frequency quenching equipment what induction quenching furnace which good high-frequency quenching furnace and high frequency quenching machine what is the difference between the structure and application of the high frequency quenching furnace in guangdong foshan induction hardening equipment developed induction hardening equipment to find strong strength manufacturers how induction hardening equipment for gear quenching induction hardening equipment manufacturing in the future the importance of medium frequency induction hardening equipment ( Professional and technical data)
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