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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Rebar, as a construction, building materials and other industries need to use the metal artifacts, due to the huge demand for rebar, after heat treatment processing can have good hardness, strength, stiffness, abrasion resistance and service life, etc. After heat treatment processing is widely used in highway, railway, water conservancy, construction and other fields. Induction heating equipment, is the core equipment in rebar heat treatment processing technology, used in whole or partial of rebar processing, to ensure the quality of rebar of get better, at the same time rebar quenching furnace itself usually has a high efficiency, more energy efficient, less pollution, easy operation, long service life, etc. So how much rebar quenching equipment? Which manufacturer's equipment is more favorable price? Small make up a simple introduction for you. A, induction heating equipment price analysis rebar quenching furnace how many money? How much is the price? Let's look at the price influence factors of induction heating equipment have? Such as equipment status, brand, enterprise competition, etc. 1, equipment rebar quenching equipment conditions, here mainly refers to equipment quality, the better the quality, the price will be higher, we know, of course, the equipment running cost will be more low, service life is longer, and work more efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, etc. , purchase value will be higher. In addition, the rebar quenching furnace may also affect the price of new and old and full of new equipment price will be higher than that of second-hand equipment, potential risk is bigger, but the latter is not recommended to buy. 2, factory brand manufacturer brand influence equipment quotation, big brand manufacturers of equipment offer a more economical, henan red star, for example, as the excellent domestic manufacturers, the factory production of pebbles play sand machine is more favorable price. 3, enterprise competition between rebar quenching equipment production enterprise competition may also affect the equipment price, generally more intense between manufacturers, induction heating equipment of the market price will be more economic. Second, the rebar quenching furnace affordable rebar quenching equipment manufacturer how much is it? Price is not fixed, but can learn, foshan heng Yang electrical induction heating equipment prices more economic benefits, the main reasons are as follows: 1, direct manufacturers, no middle firms earn price difference; 2, strong, mature technology, management science, rebar quenching furnace production no cost in the process of waste; 3, factory sales, use the meager profit but high turnover management idea, manufacturer single equipment lower profits, so the equipment price is more favorable. As long as the choice of manufacturers, rebar quenching equipment natural economic and affordable price, choose foshan constant Yang electromechanical, let you with less price, buy better products, welcome interested friends at any time inquire to know. High frequency rebar thread annealing
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