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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Induction heating quenching equipment is also called induction quenching machine tool and the equipment for its intelligence, high efficiency, can realize automatic feeding, heating, the whole process of spray cooling, discharging, etc, the equipment type belong to the non-standard customized equipment, flexible configuration, model complete, buy a induction surface hardening equipment in 10 - price 2 million or so, specific how many money, and combined with the actual choice, is to detail below. Intelligent induction hardening equipment to help, solve your various production requirements of intelligent high yield, workpiece forming good: in the design of integrated into the automation system, remote operation, intelligent monitoring, the operation is more stable, more efficient and productive, and finished metal artifacts no deformation, no cracks. Eia standard, environmental protection pressure: medium frequency induction hardening equipment using electromagnetic induction heating technology to replace the traditional coal furnace and oil furnace heating equipment, metal on metal workpiece processing without dust, waste and other pollutants, realizing green production, environmental assessment. Buy a induction surface hardening equipment price how many money? The price of the new type of induction hardening equipment in 10 - 2 million, its main by each manufacturer production power, equipment manufacturing costs and marketing mode, and the output of each device configuration, model, motor power, finished product specifications and other technical parameters are different, so the choice is different, the price is not the same, but the device itself saves foundation, installation, transportation, artificial, such as raw materials, the investment cost, later in the process of using or more cost-effective, back to the fast and create higher profits. Heng Yang machinery manufacturer focus on producing high frequency quenching machine, precision CNC automatic quenching machine tool, the gear quenching equipment, quenching machine tool bearings, guide rail quenching furnace induction heat treatment equipment for nearly 10 years, from the equipment research and development design, the production and processing, to the market sales, every link seriously and have a quality management system certification, is the direct line, more economic and reasonable price, may at any time to make calls inquiry, in addition, will also provide one-stop service for users friends, selection of guidance, project design, transportation, installation and operating instructions, maintenance and so on. Heng Yang machinery has been made in research and development the whole column of induction heating equipment, high-frequency heating machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency quenching equipment, intermediate frequency furnace, medium frequency melting furnace, ultra-high frequency induction heating machine, ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment, and form a complete set of intermediate frequency forging furnace, automatic nc quenching machine tool, cold water machine and related equipment, widely used in metal processing industry, such as metal preheating, high frequency welding ( Brazing) , thermoforming, quenching, annealing, smelting, heat surplus and induction hardening equipment research techniques such as induction hardening equipment to find strong strength manufacturers how induction hardening equipment for gear quenching high frequency quenching equipment in quenching crack reason and prevention measures of machine tool spindle quenching equipment high frequency induction quenching furnace induction heating quenching equipment which brand is good what is the quenching equipment, how to detect hardening effect
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