How many years of experience does Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company have in exports?
Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co.,Ltd applied for the exports of steel melting furnace when the domestic sales were huge and the foreign markets were in wait of exploration. Since we were licensed, we have tried every way to exploit overseas and to get access to different countries and regions. We read the standards and requirements of different destinations especially America and Europe, and then we produced products to meet such requirements. All these enabled us to get the local certifications successfully and do the exports smoothly now.

FoshanHengyangFurnaceManufacturingCo.,Ltd focuses on developing and designing high quality induction furnace. Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company produces a number of different product series, including rolling mill. The whole production of Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company induction heating equipment is greatly improved. The product has the advantage of low labor intensity. The product is widely demanded in the global market and has the potential to be applied more in the future. The product has the characteristic of long service life.

From improving management thought and strategy, Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company will always upgrade the job efficiency. Please contact us!
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