How many temperature vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace per kilowatt

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
How many temperature vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace per kilowatt technology can change an intermediate frequency furnace vacuum furnace? Answer: if the original intermediate frequency furnace is heated in a vacuum environment, can be changed to vacuum heating mode in the environment. Intermediate frequency furnace can be the object of vacuum heating, can also be for the vacuum environment ( And in the air and gas protection) The objects under the heat. Vacuum furnace heating can be used in a variety of methods ( Also include the medium frequency heating method) 。 Medium frequency heating is only one. What is used in the vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace transformer vacuum a: how much per kw intermediate frequency furnace temperature generally is a step-down transformer, 750 v / 375 v, similar to quenching transformer, one is isolated, is a median step-down. Medium frequency furnace melting quality steel and alloy steel practical case how to do? Vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace temperature a: how much per kilowatt AOD and VD/VOD furnace AOD the AOD refining furnace, is a proprietary technology for stainless steel smelting. A refining furnace, AOD argon oxygen equipment: 1, AOD furnace 2, 3, 4, AOD suspension AOD slag cover 5, and 6 AOD base, bearing and bearing 7, tilting furnace system drive eight AOD tilting accident driving mechanism, AOD method two features: *.
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