How in the intermediate frequency furnace slag is generated, how should do?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-04
Medium frequency melting furnace using time is long and you will see some slag, what reason is this? How to deal with? Lin electromechanical equipment below we will share with you about this problem, let us better understand and use it. Furnace melting furnace bligh department: bligh of furnace and the chemical composition of basic similar to agglomerate, which suggests that powdered materials for furnace top temperature fluctuations is flipping in harmony. The upper furnace were mentioned, after junction formation is characterized by uneven furnace parts drop feeding speed; 'Serious when the upper furnace, can form a cliff or bridge. Scaffolding is difficult to make the material move down, or even cause local perforation, produce the phenomenon such as run empty air. Melting furnace causes: (1) the powdery material too much, cause uneven resistance furnace. Powder concentration by a H by high temperature air blown into foo n, cause heat run empty wind, make the powder melt rapidly heated by the wall. Become attached to low, and the furnace wall and add burden more powder in the hearth sets, it is easy to form the powdery furnace; (2) in the clinker melt metal lead in the upper, stick powder coated; (3) high up, top temperature and part of the burden too early in the upper melt; (4) of lead, zinc and other metals and their compounds yan steam to _U. After, by condensation and accumulate knot in the furnace wall. Prevention and treatment: (1) reduce the burden of the powder. Charging material must conform to the requirements of (2) control the wind coke rate, prevent the focus up, reducing roof were mentioned and run empty wind; (3) improve the quality of agglomerate, to reduce the residual sulfur, rigid porous sinter cake production, to improve the furnace gas permeability (4) improve proportioning, adjust the slag composition, reduce burden appropriate melting point (5) and, with mechanical or blasting to eliminate 6. Wash with return slag furnace furnace, the conditional in the ingredients added the atmosphere of the lead slag. About the problem of slag, everybody wants to timely treatment, improve its performance, better lead smelting.
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