How can I get rolling mill process sample?
If you have an interest in our product and intend to try it, the first you need to do is to deliver your requirements to us. Just fill in the form at the bottom of our official website, or contact us through E-mail or phone call directly, please be specific about your needs, and then we would love to fulfill your wish to manufacture and deliver the exact rolling mill sample as you wish. If we have the product in stock, we will send it to your detailed consignee address as soon as possible.

FoshanHengyangFurnaceManufacturingCo.,Ltd is one of famous manufacturers for induction furnace in China. Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Co.,Ltd produces a number of different product series, including continuous casting machine. The exterior and internal structure of Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company continuous casting machine is completed by professional engineers. The product has a characteristic of high-precision. The product has reliable performance in even the most demanding applications. With the firm structure, the product features excellent shock resistance.

Foshan Hengyang Furnace Manufacturing Company brand wants to be among the very leading business in induction heating furnace business. Please contact us!
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