How can cast iron scrap melting furnace is more save electricity?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
When the frequency of alternating current passes through the spiral induction coil, the coil space all round and surrounded by a magnetic field has taken place, the polarity of the magnetic field and strength changes with the frequency of the alternating current, and the result is an alternating magnetic field. Pig iron scrap melting furnace energy saving rate compared with the traditional equipment has a beat, small impact to power grid, melting with high efficiency, small liquid and temperature uniformity, oxidation loss, metal components uniform, simple temperature control, heat preservation effect is good wait for a characteristic. Pig iron scrap melting furnace in use process of the power consumption is very big, so many companies will want to methods to reduce power consumption when using. Below small make up to you to share how to make the cast iron scrap melting furnace is more save electricity. 1, the rationality of the layout, all in ensuring that workers reasonable layout of the electric furnace operating under the premise of, want to let a space layout to reduce as far as possible, so that all the connecting lines will shorten, reduces heat power is lost, the road intention of saving electricity. 2, the use of materials to do may be large, make sure that the current flow, to prevent copper platoon is too small, a fever, take away part of the electricity. 3, workers are hard-working, to feed and stir for steel, make the melting more quickly, save power consumption. 4, pig iron scrap melting furnace technology content, although iron scrap melting furnace technology is mature, but is still have their own must have advantage, so advise businesses try to choose when buying pig iron scrap melting furnace large manufacturers to cooperate, in order to ensure to save power consumption. In addition, in use process should pay attention to query the furnace condition, iron scrap melting furnace in melting process to avoid high temperature melting. Under high temperature condition, and then on the basis of a pack of water temperature to heat up, it can reduce the high temperature liquid iron corrosion of furnace lining, extend using life of furnace lining highly. In addition, in the process of pig iron scrap melting furnace using need to immediately stop the furnace because of shortcomings and so on, should be empty inside the furnace of iron liquid, avoid hot condensate on the lining cracking and make the lining damage, when cannot pour pure molten iron and molten iron are condensation, when unable to determine whether lining shape, to be on the safe side should carry on the furnace. Medium frequency induction melting furnace For cast iron industry have more advantage energy-saving intermediate frequency furnace - production and processing Soluble iron environmental pollution-free low intermediate frequency furnace energy consumption - Customers choose heng Yang medium frequency melting furnace - after shopping around Melt faster, further improve the production of small - medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer The factory the strength investigation
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