Horizontal automatic quenching nc machine tools use must pay attention to what problem?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-27
Horizontal quenching nc machine tool automation generally applicable, set of classes, pin shaft parts, gear and other parts of the induction heating quenching, small make up I want to give everyone Shared the quenching nc machine ask what must pay attention to when applying horizontal automatic quenching nc machine problem? 1, horizontal automatic quenching nc machine tools in the actual operation to query before machine equipment in each cooling water in the road and whether the pressure in a normal situation, want to often anchor bolt attachment of parts and components of the nut to tighten, often to prevent the touch is not too good situation of component is not very good damage caused; 2, horizontal automatic quenching nc machine tools to be on time to carry out the maintenance attentively, it is one of the important, could increase the quenching nc machine tools to ensure staff safety in production work the key premise condition, quenching nc machine tools in the whole process in all the work carried out under high temperature, high voltage, heavy current flow, so to quenching nc machine tool by implantation of room to carry out cleaning and cleaning in a timely manner; 3, horizontal automatic quenching nc machine's actual operation, the staff should be regularly to use water cooling system software of the suction pump motor and hydraulic motor maintenance on time, then clean the gear oil on time, it can ensure the quenching nc machine tools is applied in normal circumstances, and its present must be used during the whole process in the work of water and oil, in addition to the requirements of the quenching nc machine working voltage and rated voltage detection, detection in time to prevent the power supply circuit fault condition. Horizontal nc quenching machine tool - Accordance with GB19517 and the requirements of GB/T20867 horizontal nc quenching machine tool - Horizontal quenching machine - mitsubishi CNC system control module Data acquisition and solve horizontal quenching machine tool - system software Automatic control system for high efficiency - horizontal continuous quenching machine Switch power supply high efficiency up to 95% left the ancient horizontal nc quenching machine tool - Automated assembly line development tendency is strong
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