Homemade high frequency induction heating coil steps and matters needing attention Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
A, homemade high frequency induction heating coil steps have?     Observation to be heated the size and shape of the workpiece.     According to the heating temperature to determine the induction coil circle number, if it is more than 700 ℃, appropriate USES two or more times.     Adjust the induction coil clearance: the clearance between the induction coil and small artifacts should be controlled in 1 - It is advisable to 3 mm; The clearance between the induction coil and larger workpiece according to the following adjustments: when power adjustable rotation has been transferred to the biggest, current is also the largest but the heating speed is slow, at this time should be the clearance between the workpiece and the induction coil induction coil, or increase the number of turns.     Induction coil should be chosen more than 8 mm diameter, wall thickness 1 mm copper tube, if greater than 8 mm diameter brass best processing first round square copper pipe, induction coil, bending again;     The copper tube for annealing treatment first, then will be on a flat, pumping sand or lead liquid;     According to the shape of the induction coil of the design completely knock gradually forming, beating the best wood hammer, tapping, bend should slow shoulds not be too hard;     Bending, with fine sand shake out your circle of brass knock, and the lead liquid should be heated to lead melts, induction coil, will lead liquid poured out, induction coil, check whether the ventilation; For many laps structure of induction coil to prevent interturn short circuit, should be set on high temperature resistant insulation materials ( Such as fiberglass pipe, glass fiber, refractory cement) Electric contact parts, connected to the machine will clean the surface oxide layer.     Second, the need to be aware of?     Induction heating equipment of sensors ( Induction coil) Is drainage systems and a lot of induction heating current ( The biggest can reach 2400 a) , a direct impact on machine can be normal use, had better be to look for professional manufacturers custom-made, generally make induction coil as to fulfill the requirements of less than easy to short circuit, assemblage.     In addition, when installing a induction coil fixed sensors of plywood and nuts, copper material must be used, all iron materials, including stainless steel hose hoops fastening sensor in and out of the water pipe, should with the output end and the sensor through the current part to keep a distance of more than 50 mm, case is heated.     Note that cannot have short circuit phenomenon, induction coil, metal artifacts can't contact with the induction coil, copper tube. Otherwise it will cause lighter, light person machine to protect cannot start work normally, the person that weigh will damage the machine and induction coil.     Above is the constant Yang electromechanical today to introduce the matters needing attention about operations homemade high frequency induction heating coil. If it doesn't matter that we don't know this operation, as long as the studied knows that this is actually very simple. Induction quenching ring induction heating coil professional production technology in the role of induction heating induction heating coil of high frequency induction heating electrical and mechanical characteristics of magnetic coil induction coil ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment manufacture and adjust the skills
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