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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
High frequency furnace & emsp; For refining of metallurgical industry, the high frequency heating furnace is an important equipment, & emsp; High frequency heating furnace is a kind of applied in all kinds of quenching of gears, chain wheel, axle and other equipment.     Homemade high frequency furnace & emsp;   In principle, is the use of high frequency induction heating principle, concept, is two big types of industrial equipment. Can understand simple so. Heating furnace, the furnace is, the use of high frequency induction principle, the production of heating furnace.     Heating furnace, refers to the material in the metallurgical industry or general metal workpiece heated to rolled into forging temperature equipment ( Industrial furnace) 。 Range of application in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, light industry, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, materials, and many other industries. High-frequency heating furnace, which is made by using the theory of high frequency heating furnace, when the conductor surrounded by a ring of magnetic flux changes, in the loop will generate induced potential, similarly, the conductors in the alternating magnetic field, the electromagnetic induction effect also induced potential, form the induced current in a conductor ( Eddy current) , induced current to overcome the resistance of the conductor itself and joule heat generation, heat with the heat conductor itself, make its heating, melting, achieve the goal of all kinds of hot working, this is the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating. The principle of high frequency induction heating machine, is the use of the high frequency of large current flows are around to make the desired shape of the ring or the heating inductor, high frequency induction is often made into hollow copper controls. Produced by high-frequency induction coil in instantaneous changes of strong magnetic polarity beam, will need to heat treatment of metal is placed within the high frequency coil, a magnetic beam will be well versed in the heated metal objects. In the interior of the induction heating object with induction heating current in the opposite direction, should produce relatively strong eddy current. Because of induction heating metal resistance exists inside, so the stronger effects of joule heat, make the induction heating object temperature rising rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of heat treatment. So, high frequency induction heating machine in the industry, also known as: high frequency induction heating equipment; High frequency induction hardening equipment; Induction heating equipment; High frequency quenching machine, high frequency induction heating machine, high frequency welding machine. Pieces of high frequency induction heating machine adopts German Siemens IGBT module, resonance soft switch double regulation and frequency automatic tracking system, the German infineon MOSFET devices and unique inverter technology, high frequency stability. High frequency induction heating equipment for constant current and power control function, a great deal of metal heating process was optimized. High frequency induction heating machine, under the same condition is better than the traditional high frequency tube heating power saving 50%, high frequency radiation, high Zhou Bogan properly. Reduce power load and power expansion, with 100% of the full load design, high frequency induction heating machine can work 24 hours continuously uninterrupted. High frequency induction heating machine, with automatic heating, heat preservation, cooling function set three time, is beneficial to improve the quality of the heating of high frequency induction heating machine, simplifying the manual operation. According to the high frequency induction heating power and frequency selective mechanical and electrical source, the higher the frequency of high frequency, heating depth is shallow, the lower the frequency of high frequency diathermancy, the better. 1 ~ 20 KHZ high frequency induction heating machine frequency automatic tracking. Using power MOSFET and IGBT devices and frequency conversion control technology, high efficiency, energy saving, the output power is bigger; With constant current and constant power control function, greatly optimize metal heating process, implement efficient and rapid heating, get a great play product superiority; Under the same condition is better than traditional tube high frequency heating equipment to save electricity double effect; With 100% load design, can work 24 hours a day in a row, can match the infrared measuring temperature to realize the automatic control of temperature, improve the quality of heating, simplifying the manual operation; Heat - Insulation - Cooling three time setting function, can obtain the required heat insulation process, to adapt to the place of heat and mass, repeatability; Have over-current, over-voltage, owe water, lack of phase, load unwell wait for a variety of status display, provide higher reliability and durability; According to the power and frequency selective power, the higher the frequency heating depth is shallow, the lower the frequency diathermy, the better;
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