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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
High frequency melting furnace in melting gold molten silver equipment working principle of the working principle and structure of high frequency furnace when the conductor surrounded by a ring of magnetic flux changes, in the loop will generate induced potential, similarly, the conductors in the alternating magnetic field, the electromagnetic induction effect also induced potential, form the induced current in a conductor ( Eddy current) , induced current to overcome the resistance of the conductor itself and joule heat generation, heat with the heat conductor itself, make its heating, melting, achieve the goal of all kinds of hot working, this is the principle of induction heating. Induction heating melting compared with traditional flame heating smelting induction heating melting compared with the traditional flame melting process, has the obvious advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection, safety induction heating melting than flame heating melting of high efficiency, high capacity per unit time, the heating efficiency of 30% ~ 50% higher than the flame heating and heating efficiency, but also can effectively reduce the metal surface scale burning low, save material and cost, especially for precious metal heating is more important. For example, heating of hot forming of the metal, usually induction heating metal loss rate about 0. 5%, while the flame furnace heating metal loss is about 1% ~ 3%, that is to say, induction heating than flame heating save about 2%. In the high frequency melting furnace structure features of Germany's Siemens solid-state IGBT inverter and function adjustment, resonance soft switch double regulation and frequency automatic tracking technology, is the guarantee of high reliability; Installation and operation is very convenient; Super small volume, light weight, portable, covers an area of less than 1 square meters; 24 hour uninterrupted smelting capacity; Save electricity saving energy; Convenient change different weight, different materials, different ways of the furnace body, to adapt to all kinds of melting requirements; The subminiature medium frequency induction heating power supply, and the traditional medium frequency power supply is very different; Good diathermancy, heating temperature uniformity; Intermediate frequency magnetic field of molten metal magnetic stirring effect, are beneficial to homogeneous and dross; According to the recommended equipment and maximum amount of smelting, each time for 20 - furnace smelting For 30 minutes. High frequency smelting machine can use 220 v voltage energy conservation and environmental protection intermediate frequency smelting furnace can use 380 v three-phase power necessary to three phase four wire five wire high frequency smelting machine more than the highest temperature can reach 1800 degrees. Suitable for gold k gold silver smelting intermediate frequency smelting furnace more than the highest temperature can reach 2800 degrees. Suitable for platinum palladium gold smelting equipment performance harry tinto high medium frequency melting furnace are mainly used for gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, platinum and other precious metals smelting heating. Smelting capacity from 1 kg to 250 kg. Mainly by the precious metal crucible container moments after induction heating melting, refining and casting process, high and moderate frequency smelting has good electromagnetic stirring effect, is advantageous to the melting temperature of the metal and the organization of uniform, slag and reducing impurity frequency range: high frequency - 20 1-50 KHZ 10 KHZ, comprehensive consideration of smelting capacity, electromagnetic stirring effect factors such as noise, heat efficiency, work design and matching compensation capacitance induction coil, decided to the size of the output frequency than the SCR intermediate frequency, energy saving at least 20% above, equipment volume is small, light weight, smelting capacity from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, can choose range is very big, is suitable for production use, also suitable for schools and research institutes small smelting test content or company use. This product technology for new technology on the market, the scientific research achievements of many domestic and foreign well-known experts, successfully by the original valve technology of a transistor MOSFE technology - conversion between IGBT module technology upgrades. All models are equipped with IGBT module technology, make the product stability, better application and advantages of smelting: mainly through to the high temperature of the metal, the metal into liquid steel, stainless steel, iron, gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy of metal and precious metals: gold, silver heating melting. Melting furnace heating ability and the advantages of high frequency furnace: 1 - single melting time 5 minutes. Suitable for melting 1 - a small amount of metal 5 kg, molten iron, stainless steel, gold, molybdenum as follows: 1 Cold 2 kg of medium frequency melting furnace, furnace, furnace smelting time is 40 - 50 minutes, when the heat furnace, furnace smelting time is 20 - 30 minutes is suitable for the smelting of metal or production, low melting point metal melting speed will be faster, the highest temperature is 1500 - 2000 - degree heating speed, heating temperature constant after simple installation, safe operation, environmental protection, energy saving light, small volume, high efficiency in escrow protection: all with over-voltage, over-current, overheating, such as water shortage alarm device, and automatic control and protection of the input voltage: single-phase 220 v / 380 v three-phase high frequency melting furnace, including the basic component of high frequency power supply ( All-in-one or fission machine) The basic component of medium frequency melting furnace, induction coil, crucible, including intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitance box and furnace, etc. According to different application requirements, it may also include infrared thermometer, temperature control devices such as melting furnace is divided into three kinds: dump type melting furnace, melting and top file type, pattern 嫆 smelting furnace. Dumping 弌 Cui furnaces in the manner of the dumping of dumping dumping can be divided into mechanical, electric and hydraulic dump dump type furnace hai rui Rio manufacturing all kinds of applications of medium frequency melting furnace for melting laid a solid foundation, hai rui Rio tinto each dump type, medium frequency melting furnace are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure the efficient and to meet the needs of various applications and artifacts, hai rui Rio offers a variety of dump type medium frequency melting furnace to choose from, harry extension provides a full range of products to meet customer demand, a variety of optional dumping of medium frequency melting furnace, and coordinated with our staff have years of experience to make harry extension can provide better melting system.
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