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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-29
High frequency induction heating equipment multi-layer induction coil induction heating coil is also called sensors, electromagnetic transducer, etc. Is high frequency and medium frequency induction heating equipment such as power output device. In order to ensure the heating speed and efficiency, the number of turns ( Laps) And parameters such as diameter, shape, size, must meet the requirements of impedance matching conditions and workpiece process. Relative to character, the diameter of the induction coil, the greater the number of turns, the less; The smaller the diameter, the more laps.     The application of general hollow tubular high frequency induction heating equipment, induction coil, induction coil, * not the ideal situation is to use multilayer, due to the outer layer of the multilayer inductor is far away from the workpiece, it not only makes] _ a heated, and at the same time make the lining of the induction coil heating. When the curved coil conductor thickness and surface skin layer depth compared with thin enough, or can be, induction coil, multilayer but at this time are not allowed to use the internal water cooling of the conductor.     The UK card Peng He, ( Capenhurst) The electrician association research center ( ECRC) 3 she has designed new type structure of the induction heating coil. The coil can solve many problems. They designed the induction coil, it USES the standard transformer winding technology, with copper belt winding mapping annular induced high frequency induction heating equipment. High frequency induction heating equipment rated capacity of 10, 00 kilowatts, 6000 kva, 50 hz can make the diameter of 108 mm EN3 billet heat from 20 'to 1250' C, productivity of 2. 8 tons of hours ', induction coil, the electric efficiency for 70 a/o, and the performance of induction coil, l KHZ single-layer equivalent. Because the induction heat treatment is a very professional field, induction hardening heat treatment personnel less, lack of understanding of the standardization of induction quenching coil, thus, induction coil production specialization degree is very low. Most users in their handmade induction coil can only use general copper plate on the market ( Tube) And so on, and often cannot meet the demand of sensor made of these materials. Such as rectangular tubes, rounded corners too big influence the distribution of the heating layer calls 18820345979
An increasing dependence on the use of induction heating furnace industrial induction furnace has made numerous changes in the coreless type induction furnace industry over the past decades.
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