High frequency heating machine - yangjiang Before the repair items that should be paid attention to

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-22
Yangjiang due to high frequency heating machine will be in the process of use, ecological environment problems and maintenance work on no wait for a reason, yangjiang high-frequency heating opportunity arises some problems, so should be essential maintenance. Precautions before its maintenance summarized as follows: application of hot air welding torch to eliminate before maintenance work on the house of dust and edge material. Using the heat gun to remove volatile room, the mainframe computer under dust and sediment. Eliminate the air inlet filter, centrifugal fan inlet filter at any rain board not reliable high frequency could not be opened before installation. Or we will be a serious threat to security of person. In yangjiang high-frequency heating machine maintenance machinery and equipment, as far as possible to pull out the power cord plug. When maintenance adjustment of mechanical equipment, broken high pressure as far as possible, insurmountable machinery and equipment within each bare tee joint. High pressure opens, ban with the common tools for all machinery and equipment such as digital multimeter part test immediately. Secondly, first check the yangjiang high-frequency heating machine parts loose, connection is solid, every electronic device for obvious damage, then established is a part of high pressure or control part of the difficulty. Control part of the important difficult point is whether the transformer is damaged, the fuse tube is damaged, whether the centrifugal fan interturn, wind pressure switch if everything is normal work in the medium level. Yangjiang high-frequency heating machine, high pressure is important part of rectifier tube is damaged, whether the rectifier tube lights, with shaking table * accurately measure if everything is normal, the capacitance for obvious damage, large resistor is damaged, high-voltage silicon stack is damaged, the resistor is damaged. Nanjing high frequency heating machine - Control circuit adopts full integration
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