- high frequency heating machine Performance parameters of the widely used

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-29
Heng Yang high-frequency heating machine is mainly used: a. High strength bolt hot forging b. A driving gear, sprocket, chain and other parts of quenched and tempered treatment; The high frequency heating machine. jpgc。 Various wind twist drill, cutter tooth, mechanical machining with CNC blade welding; d。 Small and medium rare metal smelting, e. All kinds of handmade quenching of specialized tools, machine tool guideway monorail quenching, etc. Heng Yang performance parameters of the high frequency heating machine machine: size: 550 * 220 * 470 type working voltage: 180 v to 250 v output power flow: 17 a concussion frequency: 18 35 KHZ load continuously; 99. Work efficiency: 9% and 90% work stress: 0. 05 - 0. 15 mpa high-frequency welding images. Jpg3 heng Yang high-frequency heating machine key features: 1, fast heating, wide main use: faster heating rate not on a second, all kinds of metal materials can be heating components, metal composite materials. On the basis of different artifacts like changing a removable type electromagnetic induction coil. 2, installation simple and easy, small size, light in weight and connection switch power supply, electromagnetic induction coil and water in and out of the can boot operation. More than 10 minutes can learn it well. 3, starting fast, works. After pressure testing, connect power can start heating, heating well-balanced, rapid heating. Can't keep a workpiece position is not the same as the temperature of heating. 4, protection: over voltage, over current, over temperature, less water and warning label, the operation security of the maintenance equipment reasonably. 15 kw high-frequency induction heating equipment. 4 heng heng Yang Yang high-frequency heating machine foshan after-sales service: a, the product quality service support. 2. The product to carry out the technical specific guidance, machinery and equipment installation and adjustment. c。 To the actual operating staff to carry out the professional and technical training. D, for goods within a year of free maintenance, provide technical advice and accessories. - high frequency heating machine Electromagnetic radiation to human body harm? - high-frequency heating machine Digital product is very easy to keep the effect of high frequency heating machine - Cable hot sol solution ladles problem small - high-frequency heating machine IGBT frequency conversion + MOSFET components where sell high frequency heating machine? - Choose how much money - heng Yang yes high-frequency heating machine Is it expensive to seen knew - high-frequency heating machine Reserved extended space high frequency heating machine - quotation Factory direct price small high-frequency heating machine | energy conservation and environmental protection high efficiency
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