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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-31
Kunshan high-frequency heating machine equipment company to make electronic tube oscillator working method, must keep sufficient since this oscillation condition, known as phase and amplitude condition.     Phase 1, kunshan high-frequency heating machine conditions, is a central part of the self-excited oscillation feedback, from the phase condition, can be divided into positive feedback and negative feedback, positive feedback can strengthen the oscillation, the negative feedback is opposite weaken the oscillation, so in order to maintain a continuous oscillation and output power, its phase conditions must be a positive feedback. By dry tube grid signal after amplification phase flip 180, in order to get positive feedback, since the three loop made of feedback signal on the grid, not everything wrong polarity.     2, kunshan high-frequency heating machine conditions, amplitude condition refers to the feedback of concave to believe the size of the conductive pressure, namely the positive feedback signal voltage must be above a certain value to maintain persistent oscillation. Tube voltage magnification and feedback coefficient, induction heating equipment company producing self-excited oscillation amplitude condition is: feedback coefficient should be dry or equal to the tube in the working status of the reciprocal of magnification. Lou feedback coefficient is drawn from the voltage oscillation ( The percentage) With into the valve gate, this percentage is feedback coefficient. Commonly used in high frequency induction heating equipment. Kunshan high-frequency heating machine is worthy of our foshan constant Yang high-frequency heating machine learning and using for reference, we heng Yang induction heating equipment manufacturers have high frequency heating machine core technology, according to the user's induction heating requirements, developed different types, different power of induction heating equipment, fully meet the demand of user customization, let the user's production easier.
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