High frequency heating machine - in suzhou Electromagnetic induction coil number of turns of the coil

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-25
Suzhou high frequency heating electrical magnetic induction coil is like, specifications, coil number of turns, cast iron pieces of raw material, cast iron heating parts, cast iron pieces and the coupling relationship of electromagnetic induction coil, the expected effect of warming all damage induction furnace and the actual output power of mechanical equipment. * electromagnetic induction coil design is suzhou high frequency heating machine can be the key to effective use. Suzhou high frequency heating and mechanical and electrical magnetic induction coil number of turns of the coil and specifications management decision-making for the work of the mechanical equipment, the frequency of the wave WDS - 15 products machinery power level in 30 KHZ to 100 KHZ. Power at around 50 KHZ, machinery and equipment working efficiency is higher, warming expected effect. When the frequency is too low, mechanical equipment maintenance automatically type, wave not to come out or automatic switch machine: when the frequency is high, machinery and equipment will automatically reduce the heating power, and when the frequency is too high, the ablation in an instant mechanical equipment in the power electronic devices. Therefore, when using single coil electromagnetic induction coil or electromagnetic induction coil is very small, will result in high frequency caused by suzhou high frequency heating machine equipment failure: the table below for the design of the electromagnetic induction coil reference data information content, but as a result of iron castings, raw material is different, cannot treat as the same, different situation, please consult our company professional enterprise. Foshan high-frequency heating machine - Mechanical equipment stability and high frequency heating machine - zhongshan operation process Original IGBT power output control module high-frequency heating machine - hangzhou DSP to carry out the track control of chengdu - high-frequency heating machine Metal material high heating efficiency - zhongshan high-frequency heating machine Kunshan high-frequency heating machine - from Germany technology Economic and practical zhaoqing high frequency heating machine - Environmental protection and energy saving efficiency of shanxi - high-frequency heating machine Installation method shows high frequency heating machine - tianjin High efficiency heating wenzhou high-frequency heating machine - The difference between traditional heating
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