High frequency heating machine - in Shanxi Province - installation method Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-28
Shanxi high-frequency heating electrical installation should pay attention to: this machine equipment power machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment on-line must join solid, try to avoid electricity reached the contact resistance, absolute power plug can not be easily hung on electric net; On-line, three-phase 380 v three-phase for wire zero line. Machine high frequency heating equipment in shanxi shanxi high-frequency heating machine installation should pay attention to: when induction coil electromagnetic induction coil diameter of 100 mm ﹤ situation, cannot be applied single turn electromagnetic induction coil, or it will cause the machine equipment from the damage of high output power machinery and equipment; Installation of induction coil, absolutely can not use raw materials such as waterproof tape, due to the induction coil pressure testing and connect power, if use waterproof tape will be loose caused by electricity, the device starting up or cause other problems. If shanxi high frequency induction heating machine coil thru have water seepage condition, induction coil can be reached the copper bell mouth burn red hardening and softening, and then improve the sealing condition. Shanxi high-frequency heating vendors would work need often changing induction coil of the customers, in order to prevent the machine equipment on high frequency heating machine screw thread slipping induction coil connection in shanxi, proposed to choose 'induction coil transfer joint' namely transfer joint is installed on the machine equipment, induction coil reload on connecting head first, that can reduce machine equipment for induction coil coupling screw thread slipping caused by repair rate; Have not understand people can immediately inquired the area of professional and technical personnel.
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