High frequency heating machine - guangzhou Energy conservation and environmental protection more energetic

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-29
Guangzhou high-frequency heating machine has many advantages of application of heng Yang company ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment sensors can remove casually, as a result, it can carry out heat treatment, quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing and tempering heat treatment process, but also to carry out the welder welding, melting, assembly line, hot disassembly, high-frequency molding work, etc. What's more, high power utilization and green environmental protection, trustworthy. Guangzhou high-frequency heating machine adopts IGBT module production and processing, efficacy is very perfect, operation process is very simple. It during the heat treatment of cast iron parts, is not easy to cause noise and dust, also not easy to cause waste and industrial waste gas, smoke greatly improved the working environment of employees, production and processing staff to maintain the ecological environment protection. High-frequency heating power transformer quenching heat treatment of cast iron parts, heating speed is very quick, very short time to reach the requirements of the temperature, to avoid the oxidation and the cause of nitriding case. What's more, guangzhou high frequency heating machine heating process is more flexible, can the overall heating, heating can also be part of, to be able to consider different producers of different products. Guangzhou high-frequency heating machine caused by high frequency heating electrical induction coil rotation moment the strong magnetic bundle of change, will be sure to heat treatment of metal composite materials placed in the high frequency electromagnetic induction coil, a magnetic beam will be completed in all the heated metal composite material objects. In the interior of the induction heating object and the induction heating power traffic in the opposite direction, leading to an corresponding strong eddy current. Because of induction heating metal composite material memory rheostat, thus lead to strong of joule heat, make induction heating object temperature rising rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of heat treatment. Price - high frequency heating machine - - To find the source manufacturers buy real if you want to find a high frequency heating equipment perfect machine manufactures high-frequency heating - factory house Production management way diversity high-frequency heating machine enterprises has been the pursuit of perfect independent innovation brand high-frequency heating machine - Build strength independent brand manufacturers
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