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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-29
High-frequency heating function on all of the metal material to carry out the fast heating, such as: iron, steel, pig iron, stainless steel plate, copper, aluminum, tin, gold, silver, etc. Into a forging part, forging, drilling. All kinds of metal brazing, cutting tool cutter welding, copper welding, In the optical fiber cable processing manufacturing could be used in the steel strip lap welding) 。 Tempering process metal material hardening, annealing, tempering; Especially in high frequency heating machine is partially solve ( In the optical fiber cable processing manufacturing could be used in the sheath material and metal band from) Smelting forging to small and medium-sized smelting smelting, metal smelting, laboratory. Other use powder coating, metal materials embedded in plastic, heating oil removal ( Available in stainless steel wire in the optical fiber cable processing manufacturing crowded foundation pad stainless steel wire in addition to oil, residue) 。 Foshan high-frequency heating machine high frequency heating machine, material belongs to high frequency heating equipment. Place the ladle the core after the machinery and equipment of electrical level, with ac voltage was rolled into circular electric conductor ( Generally for copper tube) , resulting in the magnetic beam, according to the steel strip is applied to longitudinally wrap the core pin tube, magnetic beam will all steel strip, with the volume of bearing cause eddy current magnetic beam from the pay Turn the electric flow) , magnetic induction effect at this time, because the resistor inside the steel strip for joule heat ( 1 square meter R) , make temperature speed increases, this means that induction heating. To under the condition of the steel belt not touch can heat up. ( Hot joule heat and eddy current loss damage caused by the heat, but the key is caused by joule heat) 。 High-frequency heating machine equipment when steel strip by high-frequency heating machine after high frequency heating, heated molten steel strip surface polyester membrane, take it steel strip using their own polyester film adhesion, do steel strip lap water retaining effect. Immediately through convenient set with polyester film adhesion, not only improved the steel belt and convenient set of cement compressive strength, and high frequency heating machine to remove the ladle cable cable steel strip cladding film, hot sol often out of the package problem. - small, high-frequency heating machine IGBT frequency conversion + MOSFET components where sell high frequency heating machine? - Choose how much money - heng Yang yes high-frequency heating machine Is it expensive to seen knew - high-frequency heating machine The reserved extended space
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