High frequency heating - Heating rate faster, production efficiency

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-29
A basic concept, the high frequency heating: the product artifacts into the induction switch ( Generally use copper control magnet coil to do) Inside, when the induction switch into a certain frequency alternating current, which lead to replace changing magnetic field nearby. Change shift the electromagnetic induction of the magnetic field leads to the change of sexual moment of beam, strong magnet will be heating metal composite materials and other small wedges placed into electromagnetic electromagnetic coil, a magnetic beam is closely around all heating compound immediately, electric heating compounds with internal heating in traffic led to a great amount of eddy current in the opposite direction, by heating the rheostat cause the joule heat inside the compound, make the temperature of the compound itself * rise, it is the basic concept of high frequency heating. Second, the electromagnetic coil surface anti-corrosion paint broken cause electromagnetic coil ignition ( 1) Heating rate faster, production efficiency. High frequency heating enterprises do 500 - power 1000 / kW, and heating speed quickly, the scale of welding must time if a few seconds, can greatly shorten the welding time, increase productivity, cost control direct costs. 2) Thermal damage area is small, little harm to basic. High-frequency heating of the skin effect of promoting for welders heating depth is very shallow, even can guarantee zero mm, just depend on the thermal conductivity to the core of steel pieces heat conduction, steel as in entering the induction switch, is heated to melt temperature significantly, leave the induction switch into a sharp cooling condition, most of the heat preservation and heat insulation without time, heating time is very short, so heat injury zone is not large, basic not easy to damage. Diazotization reaction into a few, even if in the gas heating, on the surface of the embryo of diazotization reaction, carburizing, also very little. ( 3) Avoid or reduce the interface of ductility compounds, butt weld process performance *. Due to the induction coil heating rate faster, specialization of mechanical energy, cooling speed is faster, the fine ferrite crystallization, and high frequency heating steel has the very good aluminum alloy components. Used for welding is different due to the heating time is very short can reduce the interface of ductility compounds, can effectively Gao Lianxu connection process performance of the head. ( 4) To maintain the complex surface welding. Induction switch heating head can according to different steel heating is important to design concept into a relative appearance, and very short heating time can keep part of the heating, heating zone temperature * establish, temperature and docking area is narrow, so inductive switch can move along the complex interface for this to keep the complex welding interface. In addition, the high frequency heating welding and energy conservation, environmental protection, can be conducive to automatic control and the repeatability of production and manufacturing, etc. High frequency heating - Metal composite material small piece of the high frequency power heater - On the basis of rectifier circuit will be 50 ~ 60 hz ac high-frequency heating - Metal heat treatment problem solving high frequency heating equipment The '50 s use in various fields
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