High frequency furnace manufacturer problem of high frequency machine for you

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-02
High frequency furnace of different general machinery and equipment, daily maintenance is also a science, so how to safeguard the right equipment, daily article to explain. High frequency furnace manufacturer problem of high frequency machine for you in the summer, high frequency furnace super audio frequency heating equipment should pay attention to the temperature is high, the humidity is big. If high frequency equipment cooling circulating water, the temperature is too low, inside the machine cooling water box and high frequency furnace transformer secondary coil on condensation, humidity phenomenon is particularly large there will be a drop of water. Suggest using a circulating water tank or pool, when the water temperature more than 35 degrees, uninterrupted pour cold water in. If the machine temperature is too high, consider adding fan, increase the heat during the winter low temperature, cooling water freezes easily, especially high frequency furnace work during the day, night does not work, the cooling water is not timely emptying in high-frequency equipment, it's easy to frost damage to the machine, is typically more high frequency furnace transformer secondary damage. Maintenance laborious, the on-site maintenance and restricted by tool equipment field, normally only returned to the original factory maintenance. Solution: the high frequency equipment to stop working, and timely emptying machine keep circulating water, or add a timer, let water circulating pump intermittent work, I have been to the customer with a lot of units, the effect is very good. In winter, now, it is the high frequency furnace heating super audio equipment failure frequency, still hope the respect customer, high-frequency equipment and ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment daily maintenance methods are the same attention to your machine to strengthen anti-freezing measures, in order to avoid machine damage, protective measures as long as well, so our machine is no problem of the high frequency furnace super audio frequency heating equipment is a kind of electronic equipment, work environment clean, but in fact very few manufacturer can do it. Soot dust is more, the dust and soot into the machine, corrosion circuit board, although the factory already did varnished processing, but the time is long, the electronic components of pin also can produce the leakage resistance, high frequency furnace normal working state. Also is bound to affect the service life of the high frequency furnace. Suggested that conditions are harsh environment, best equipped with exhaust fan, the soot dust exhaust to the outside, as much as possible to avoid entering or a small amount into the machine. Also timing for cleaning the dust machine.
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