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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-25
Because of containing large amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, oxygen, moisture will make copper alloy surface oxidation burning loss even, it must be after pickling, can into the next phase of processing. If heating in jiangsu high frequency annealing equipment protection atmosphere, can make the oxygen content in furnace is greatly reduced, the realization of copper alloy without oxidation or less oxidation heating, make the surface quality of the copper alloy after annealing has greatly improved. At present, in the copper processing industry, used for copper alloy strip, wire and tube plate yuan bright annealing processing equipment, mainly high frequency annealing equipment, jiangsu bright copper alloy processing is not only to get a smooth surface, but also to obtain the appropriate mechanical properties, in the process of annealing treatment, can not have glue phenomenon, which requires the jiangsu high frequency annealing equipment must have a good performance and unique structural characteristics. Jiangsu suzhou high frequency annealing equipment must have very good temperature uniformity, copper alloy bright annealing is not only to obtain smooth surface quality, at the same time, you have to get very good mechanical properties, which requires the annealing equipment must have a very good furnace temperature uniformity, made of copper alloy in annealing temperature range, any of the annealing temperature control is very accurate and uniform, so as to get the required the right values, for the next working procedure of processing. Jiangsu suzhou high frequency annealing equipment has strong convective circulation system, using the recirculation fan is very effective, is characterized by large air volume, high wind pressure, wind speed quickly, good heat exchange effect, furnace temperature uniformity is less than + / - 5 ℃; So, can make all the burden for special uniform mechanical value and process value. At the same time, also shortened the annealing treatment time and improve productivity. High frequency annealing equipment - The core technology of spheroidizing annealing Germany induction heating equipment Fully meet the demand of technology - continuous annealing equipment Good partial annealing equipment - low consumption quality Wide application of high frequency annealing equipment - online Energy-efficient power-saving heng Yang seamless steel tube annealing equipment | move is more than the price of guangdong steel pipe annealing equipment which good steel pipe annealing equipment price is expensive or not how much money a |
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