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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-03
Now, in the heat treatment industry, more and more manufacturers to abandon the traditional heating equipment, induction heating equipment for heat treatment production. Why steel pipe back the lighter can attract many users 'heart'? Where is the 'magic' it? Steel pipe heating equipment manufacturers on the market is very at present much, is good and evil people mixed up, now there are a lot of heat treatment equipment, heng Yang mechanical and electrical steel pipe machine back to stand out is not easy. It was able to overcome other equipment, heat treatment factory 'darling', lies in the steel pipe heating equipment has four characteristics 'two low' performance. Projects high reliability: heng Yang mechanical and electrical induction heating equipment circuit design is unique, steel pipe annealing machine system with module units, so even steel pipe heating equipment damage of individual module unit, also won't affect equipment operation, the substantial increase, the reliable operation of the equipment. High efficiency: the heat efficiency of induction heating equipment 30% higher than the flame furnace 50%, 20% higher than resistance furnace 30%. 'Projects' characteristic performance not only ensure the stability of the induction heating equipment operation, and improve the production speed. Two low 1, low running cost: steel pipe back the lighter compared with the traditional equipment, 40% water saving, power saving 30% 40%, greatly reduce the energy consumption, making the running cost is lower. Plus steel pipe heating equipment operation is simple, the need for professional training on artificial, this also reduces the running cost. 2, low maintenance cost, lower than the rest of the industry product maintenance costs by more than 50%. 'Two low' performance advantages ensure induction heating equipment for the user to saving energy and reducing consumption, lower production costs, low input, high return. Manufacturers selling pipe machine | | copper tube stainless steel pipe annealing back online high frequency annealing equipment, automatic stainless steel pipe can be customized machine back high frequency online annealing equipment | stainless steel brass wire tensile online backing down lighters lighters stainless steel tube heat treatment which good stainless steel bright annealing effect
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