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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-02
Heng Yang stressed that smelting medium frequency furnace manufacturer are v. calculate all have certain deviation, p need various calibration according to the experiment. When the furnace volume is very big, if made before a calibration of equipment, often lead to big losses. Introduce a way of simulation experiment in detail below, in accordance with the small volume of electric furnace clear large space of the main parameters of electric furnace, and also introduced how to use current main parameters of electric furnace to clear the new furnace and high frequency induction furnace of the main parameters of the sensor coil number of turns of simple optimization algorithm. Heng Yang sensors in medium frequency furnace smelting factory simulation experiments a recycled waste every specification of the system software for the new sensor a recycled waste relative specifications of the experimental system software with frequency for the new electric furnace 2 times, coil number of turns and dc voltage U won't change, two similar power system software. Heng Yang smelting medium frequency furnace manufacturers think between two relative scalar system software has the following link: type to sensors and recycled waste, the power factor of P, sensors, electrical flow, and the sensor output power damage for the new electric oven temperature waste heat surface power increases ten times to the same time reduced to. To use small induction experiments under high frequency electromagnetic coil for low frequency large electromagnetic coil design needed data information.   Melting furnace is refers to the molten metal ingot and some scrap metal, and add the necessary alloy composition, after them, grilled slag refining operations such as alloy melting into needed equipment. Performance requirements, the furnace should satisfy the following basic requirements: melting faster; The ratio of the molten pool surface area and depth of molten pool should be as small as possible; In the molten pool metal temperature uniform; The stove thermal efficiency is higher; Process is easy to operate, install all furnace and smelting process should be as far as possible, by adopting the method of mechanization and automation operation; The chemical stability of the furnace masonry and various aspects performance can guarantee the quality of the melt. Smelting medium frequency furnace manufacturer - shenzhen Crucible material selection - guangxi smelting medium frequency furnace manufacturer A variety of metal melting - zhejiang smelting medium frequency furnace manufacturer Melting speed
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