Heng Yang shenzhen medium frequency induction melting furnace manufacturers

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-02
Heng Yang shenzhen medium frequency induction melting furnace manufacturers outside of the dc and intermediate frequency induction furnace sensors, often with 0. 2 or 0. Into the yoke of 35 mm thick silicon steel sheet and yoke key magnetic shielding effectiveness in magnetic flux leakage to the outside of the tube bundle sensors send out, to avoid the furnace cover, furnace and other hot metal material structure. After setting yoke, furnace electrical efficiency and power factor were significantly improved. In the induction melting furnace, also can use the yoke to manipulate the position of the recycled waste heats up. Yoke marketing. the, L and I, in the three-phase power supply system of dc furnace are also useful in the cities are shaped. Shape control outside scattered magnetic flux actual effect is good, but the handling sensors is difficult, much to big small and medium-sized stove. At present, a large number of tend to choose L and magnetic yoke. Heng Yang shenzhen medium frequency induction melting furnace manufacturer of household yoke also plays a bouquet and stationary Ca should implement effect, working on a stove and rotates, the sensor does not produce pine. Heng Yang shenzhen medium frequency induction melting furnace manufacturer in the appearance of the yoke, length, count to mansion sort of clear, should be the key according to the yoke on the layout of the sensors surrounding and convenient manufacture and to the sensor and the structure of the furnace frame and heat conduction effects, in addition, also should consider to prevent recycled waste or conductive part of the crucible and so on overtemperature, therefore, generally choose several yoke. So that the uniform distribution of magnetic induction lines, yoke should also try to fit to round up and over the sensor, the laminated thick should fight its overall width, beneficial to guiding magnetic induction line like that. What are the advantages intermediate frequency induction melting furnace? Medium frequency induction melting furnace For cast iron industry production and processing have more advantages of medium frequency induction melting furnace, intermediate frequency induction melting furnace production manufacturers - Power plants with medium frequency induction melting furnace - the facts Power frequency induction melting furnace more intermediate frequency induction melting furnace - merits High automation system
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