Heng Yang - Remind you choose suits own induction heating quenching equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-01
Along with the development trend of the Internet era, many companies now purchasing machinery and equipment are needed to find on the Internet, in order to find more suitable machinery equipment for the development of the company, a lot of will select several dealers to carry out comparison, so when you choose the choose and buy induction heating quenching machine equipment please select technology specializing in the production of manufacturing of the manufacturer, all that you can ensure that after the application without worry! Heng Yang induction heating quenching equipment has the following advantages: 1, induction heating power supply to choose MOSFET and IGBT integrated circuit encapsulation and its frequency conversion technology, produce higher credibility and durability, smooth operation, environmental protection and energy saving, power is greater; 2, possess a dc and stable output power control function, great improve the heating process of metal material, complete efficient rapid heating, products advantage into full play; 3, in the same condition and down twice as high frequency heating equipment than the traditional rectifier power saving effect, have 'small material use', the wasted effort effect, reduce the power grid load and power engineering capacity, reduce the cost for you; 4, have full design, sustainable work 24 hours; 5, have heat - Heat insulation - Trinity time Settings, refrigeration recycling is beneficial to improve the quality of heating and heating, simplification of artificial service actual operation; 6, according to the output power and frequency selection of power supply, the higher the frequency, heating depth, the lower the frequency diathermy, the better; Induction heating quenching equipment independent innovation and technical can automatic induction heating quenching equipment how much you need to buy a set of induction heating quenching equipment induction heating quenching equipment which brand is good in high frequency induction heating quenching technology advantages and application
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