Heng Yang lu, sichuan melting furnace manufacturer supply high quality melting equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-02
Melting furnace is refers to the molten metal ingot and some scrap metal, and add the necessary alloy composition, after them, grilled slag refining operations such as alloy melting into needed equipment. Performance requirements, the furnace should satisfy the following basic requirements: melting faster; The ratio of the molten pool surface area and depth of molten pool should be as small as possible; In the molten pool metal temperature uniform; The stove thermal efficiency is higher; Process is easy to operate, install all furnace and smelting process should be as far as possible, by adopting the method of mechanization and automation operation; The chemical stability of the furnace masonry and various aspects performance can guarantee the quality of the melt. Heng Yang lu, sichuan melting furnace manufacturer supply high quality smelting equipment is Cambodia according to jilt electromagnetic field theory analyzes lu induction furnace melting furnace and cylindrical products workpiece, found that the two kinds of furnace with the same equivalent power circuit and the same way of electromagnetic induction analysis. But because they are different, the main purpose of have their own characteristics. Therefore, when the function analytical applications to different kinds of aluminum melting furnace, or when the operating temperature of the same type induction furnace, they respectively using features should be considered, and the appropriate choice the main parameters of physics single-turn inductor and recycled waste equivalent power circuit (system software Magnetic field method) Heng Yang lu, sichuan melting furnace manufacturers according to the measured electric main parameters of the process, is still the first measure a single-turn inductor and recycled waste electrical main parameters of the system software, then calculate the specific sensor a recycled waste electrical main parameters of the system software. How to improve the thermal efficiency of aluminum alloy melting furnace? Foshan - aluminum alloy melting furnace production manufacturer Raise the furnace life in shenzhen in the aluminum alloy melting furnace smelting aluminium alloy reflect the basic law of medium frequency melting aluminum melting furnace - 50/100/200 kg aluminum intermediate frequency furnace of molten aluminium melting furnace - How to control the operating temperature of the aluminum smelting with molten aluminium melting furnace - - - Recycled aluminum miniaturization aluminum melting furnace in melting process of iron removal technology - No flame green melts faster
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